Yeay my #mollycosmetic package is here


Thanks @strawbee for packing in extra swatch sticker and lip mask!

Need to power pump and step it up again.

I realize only left 7 packets of milk for Isaiah.

No emergency stash. I've dropped my pump at work from 4 times to 3 times of 10 minutes each time. I think it's not enough.

Got to go back to 4 times at work. Poor Isaiah. Already so small, not enough milk to drink sumore.


Being a mom is hard. We've got to constantly think of somebody else besides ourselves. Always.

Brought them to the park this evening.

First time didi is sliding down the slide with korkors help.

This blue side is quite short and he didn't "enjoy" it as much. There was a longer slide with a bump in the middle and boy did didi gave a huge smile every time going down that slide.

The dare devil!!! He loves all the adrenaline rush! The bouncy jeep car also he loves. The more movement the better!

Weeeee!!!! Korkor certainly had fun cos he could play with didi.


P. S.: Isaiah got look fatter or not?

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