Today's ang ang lips is also by #mollycosmetics in "Dollie Mollie"

I feel like geisha ah. Makes my face looks fairer woot. Glow by stila highlighter cosmetic from #dff. Not natural one hor.

"Help me!"

"Hrmmm I think I look kinda cute in this, never mind la, just leave it on"

"Hiiiii look at me!"

I think #paucheeks is resigned to the fact that Isaac puts the toys on his head. Previously he will scream and shout. Now he just get on with it.

Poor thing. Woes of 2nd child.


I brought my water kefir to work today, 2nd fermented with apple and mint. And it was a hit!

2 office colleagues already ask me to donate some water kefir grains to them so they can do it too. All says very refreshing to drink. I think #waterkefir is just very nice to drink to whoever that drinks it. Not to mention the slight carbonation makes it ❤

All the probiotic and amino acid goodness in a delicious drink! None says that it's sweet at all. Only subtly sweetness.

So I've been looking at hair colours which are lucky for me in the year 2017.

And as a water pig, my lucky colour is yellow, brown, gray and gold.

Made an appointment with 76 midvalley to zheng my hair!!!

Google search for ombré grey brown hair and these are a couple that I ❤❤❤❤

Nice or not?

Or any combo hair colour according to my lucky colour that is better than this?

Overall must avoid red, blue and green.
So ok lo, avoid lo.

Woooo this one also nice!

Dinner date with my dude

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