Tell you guys something.

Last Tuesday I was pumping, then I got so thirsty after that. Reached out for my water bottle and took a big gulp!

Then I realize instead of gulping from my right hand which was the bottle, I took a big gulp from my left hand which was my breast milk!!!!!

Garhhh!!! It was sweet like oatmilk but I was more worried I drank away all my hard work! Phew! Luckily when I checked, still left 4oz!

#heng ah. Hahahha.

Tea, tea, tea.


Assorted kombucha!

Bet you guys are laughing at me.

My kind of balanced meal

Banana chips, caramelized biscuit spread and chocolate chip cookies made for Isaacs egg testing (which failed horribly I might add).

My "beer" and his beer.

Mine is with honey dew and persimmons. Shiok.

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