Dinner conversations with Isaac:

I was telling him that we will be going back to KL for CNY. And he said "yea, I will give angbow to ah ma!"

Then he ran to his room and took out 3 angpows which he has prepared. They were heavy with all his coins he saved up from his coin box. He said 1 for ah ma, 1 for kong kong and 1 for ah jia.

I was flabbergasted on his knowledge that we give angpows on CNY. But I was even more impressed that he had already set aside angpows for his grandparents!

3 big and heavy angpows

I had no idea that he already packed them and put it in his wardrobes' "secret hiding place"

Im so so so so proud of his generosity and thoughtfulness.

@maryannsee you have an angpow ready from your grandson already!

For the record: we have never taughtt him that CNY is for giving and receiving angpow and that we have never said that we must give back to our parents or grandparents.

This is out of his own willingness and maybe to some extent, his observations.

For a lack for better articulation, I'm so happy he is so kind la.


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