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Am I a bad mom if I'm disappointed that I can't go back to KL in time for my hair appointment tomorrow?

Yup. I think I am.

People can really be assholes.

It's raining and I'm crossing the road. The road sign shows that it's still pedestrian right of way. As I'm reaching the end there's a big puddle of water so I move to the left where the puddle is shallow. Fuck me, the car waiting gave me a double horn. He even move forward to harass me!

EXCUSE ME? Wtf is wrong with these assholes.

Never mind. Karma will say hello soon.

I want to cry because life has been very unkind to Isaac.

Poor thing.

We might not go back for CNY la. I think he needs to rest.

I really cannot shake off this sad feeling. The more I think about it us not going back, the more it breaks my heart because he was so so so so looking forward to going to KL.

Got all his angpow ready to give grandparents and packed all his new clothes.

Aiyooooo. So sad so sad. Tonight defo cannot make it for the bus already.

Pass out.

Even though whole day was in good spirits, but I think the fever is taking a toll on him.

Alamak! I heard him groaning and in a matter of 20 mins his fever is back to 40C again.

Poor thing!

If we don't go back this year for CNY, it would be totally unfair for Isaiah. First CNY spent alone with us.

So poor thing for him too.

Aiyo everybody loses la this round.

If within these 2 days Isaac is ok then maybe we will go back pending SIL availability to pick us up. If not, it is fine too.

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