Unexpected CNY.

Year of the Rooster. My parents will both be 60 this year.

It will be very quiet for this nucleus Puah family.

No auspicious wishes to be said and received.

Isaac and Isaiah will not be getting angpows this year I guess.

No pineapple tarts to stuff my face with.

Batdude will not be gambling and have a winning streak.

Yup, none of them tiles will be clanging too.

Upside is, I won't have to listen to relatives telling me I'm fat or that my son is small size or that I should behave more "womenly".

But I guess I can cheer myself up by decorating the apartment a little. Will wait for sale and let them throw price then I'll #buybuybuy the deco! That will certainly cheer me up.

All this rooster talk makes me want to eat KFC.

Showing off his standing skills.

Wah Wah Wah.

At 9 months and 26 days, he's getting quite confident in standing by himself.

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