Audit for 5 days.

Am dying cos interview me so long.

Lucky got lunch provided for us.

#waterkefir 2F with blueberries, lychee and rose.



Garlic powder and spring onion one.

Taste so good. Light and not salty and with a fresh feta cheese crumbly texture.

Cajun seasoning one is more awesome.

Next round I'll add more of it!!!

Aiyoo how to go back eat outside feta cheese.

Sumore I ate with warm freshly baked bread.

Project curly fries happening.

Soaking in cold water as per recommendation of @choopeechu @justpeachy @m3lcsnippet for crispy fries. Drawing out them starch n after that seasoned with Cajun. Cos have super a lot of that spice.

Cut it using the paderno spiralizer

Back at our fav sushi place.

Fried it!! @Eviee it's now like potato chips texture.

Mmmmm healthy potato chips. But not very healthy la. Deep fry one.

Omg first time feed himself!!!

Horsing around during bedtime.

Korkor and didi both had a hair cut.

This time I really made sure it's super short.

Quite rough with each other la.

Their head shape almost similar with each other. Only didi has more cheeks.

Hhehe I still cannot get over him eating potato chips by himself.

Today's 2F of #waterkefir is rose petals, plum (dam sour) and passion fruit. Took a bit of the passion fruit cos it smelled so good. I was quite surprised that it was so sweet!

I've never tasted a super sweet passion fruit before. It's so yummy! Faster ran to husband and let him have a bite too. He also 😲 pleasantly surprised.


Milk Kefir Cheese

Aunty here trying to make cheese from my #milkkefir

Pour the milk kefir into coffee filter and let the whey drip out.

Quite immediately can see the whey dripping out liow.

After an hour, that's the amount of whey that has dripped.

Probably need another 2-3 hrs to be done? Not sure. Will see how it goes.

Then I'm going to flavor the milk kefir cheese with:
1) garlic powder and mix herbs
2) pepper and cayenne.

Batdude can have them cheese spread with home made bread for breakfast.

So domesticated or what?

But cannot beat @wokandkadhai and @m3lcsnippet for making stuff from scratch


Lau shi, mandarin class is not working. πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

The end product!!! Milk kefir cheese.

One is seasoned with spring onion, garlic powder (at the bottom of the spring onion) and cracked black pepper on top.

The other is with Cajun seasoning, chili flakes and cracked black pepper on top.

After about almost 12 hours (cos I just left it there and went and did other stuff) this is the amount of whey collected.

Started off with 500mls milk kefir. I would say this is around 300mls or more of whey.

All the probiotic goodness from the milk kefir in cheese form.


I've already asked my helper to prepare it for Batdudes breakfast tomorrow.

To be spread on to toasted home made bread.

Batdude currently is attending Guns and Roses concert. #oldfart

Enjoying my rosè drink.

Haha no la

It's #waterkefir 2F with apple and blueberries. Turns out pink in colour so pretty.

I love how ah pek he looks when he smiles and laugh.

Droopy eyes, droopy cheeks.

He definitively has his fathers smile.

And the ah pek expression.


He's so small, that the book is bigger than him.

Korkor loves to twin with didi. But he also loves to rough house him. And didi retaliates.

Guess who always cry!

Milk kefir with cut fruits.

First time eating my milk kefir.

Putting my water kefir grains on rehab now.

White sugar and just water.

It was producing very syrupy kefirs and the grains r slowly turning sandy.

It has been over mineralized.

I'm going to do this 3 times. The water will be thrown after 24 hours and replaced again white sugar + water.

Hopefully they turn fat and juicy again.

Meanwhile today I 2F the #waterkefir with lychee, blueberries and lavender.

Smells good.

Yesterday's passionfruit, blueberries and lavender smells good too. The key is to use very little flowers. If not it feels like drinking potpourri haha.

Arghhhhh the inevitable has happen!

I spilled my freshly pumped breast milk.


My supple has been dwindling to half since he started solids and prefers the calorie densed isomil.

I managed 90mls just now and I spilled 50mls.

I is a bit sad. But it's ok.

Was trying to capture him showing off his tongue πŸ‘…

But give me that kinda face.

This one really crack me up!

Sorry for my annoying laugh!

Very cheeky la this fella!

This one also pretty cute!!!


Skin Prick Test| igE blood taking| Dietician Review

Update for Isaiah skin prick test, blood taking for igE levels and dietician review.

Weight gain from 9 January (6 weeks time frame)
Weight: 330gm
Height: 1.5cm

He has growth which is appropriate for his age but he is not growing at the rate which is required to catch up to the higher centile. He is still below 2nd centile. Zero la actually. Means 100% of his peers are all taller and heavier than him.

At the start of his skin prick test.

Top row: cows milk, egg yolk, egg white and peanut.

Bottom row: treenuts panel. I know got almond, walnuts, pecan, hazelnut Brazil nut but I don't know which is which.

After 15 minutes, this was the result.

New allergy to cows milk!! Eggs we know since last year and peanut too.

Previously his cows skin prick was negative. Zero welts!

Now the cows milk welt is 10mm by 7mm.

I just hope his tree nut allergy don't manifest and pop up next year or a few years down the road.

After crying like mad from drawing blood.

They poke him and squeeze blood out from his upper hands vein drop by drop until around 5mls.

He didn't struggle but he cried very pitifully.

Short AF but can walk dam well for a 10 month old.

Ergh baby boy, why you no grow!!

But it's ok. I'm happy you achieve your motor skills milestone quite early on.

Next diet plan is to add soy yogurt and butter or oil to every snack.

We've been adding pork lard to ALL his main meal and still no catch up growth.

You're now more mobile and more brave.

Too brave for your own good.

Today at the park, you went and swat a boy double your size. Aiyo 1 day people swat you back you will topple over you know!!

Without a care in the world. Kept digging the ground and playing with leaves.

"Freedom" to exploreeeeee

And this korkor, using didi as a chick magnet.

He went to the girl he has a crush on and said "Lxxxx, do you want to play with my brother? He's very cute!"


The girl came and started smiling at didi. Mr smarty pants then said "you must be gentle with my brother, not so rough"

Wtf!!!! Sell your brother for your own gain!!!!! Ahhaha.

Anyway, have to repeat all this test for Isaac in November too. At least both of them can comfort each other with their allergies!

Still cannot get over how this guy potters around dam fast.

Haha. So comical also.

Got proof he ask the girl want to play with his brother.

But too bad, instastory cut off the last part where he said "he's cute"

Sunday morning twinning.

Probably should buy the same shoes.

I've got my eye on the new balance kids shoes.

Quite fun, now that he's standing and able to walk a few steps.

Didi wants to do what korkor is doing too.


"Korkor, can I have a go now too?"

Duhhh look. Both mother and son.

Wah this guy, scolding me back when I scold him.

Why do you need to coach your son on his enrichment class homework before he goes to enrichment.

Please la, childhood is not like this one lo.

He has been sitting here for 2 hours going over his Chinese , English etc enrichment class paper.

And he's constantly sneezing and blowing his nose. If he's sick, don't bring him to class ya!!! This type of kiasu parents have me fuming!!! 😀😀😀😀

Spaghetti squash bolognese and salad for dinner.

Congratulations to @jayelleenelial on your clinic opening day!!

I'm really sorry we couldn't make it but we hope you like the flowers. 🌺

Oh my gosh.

Almost kena REJECTED from the grabcar service because I had Isaac with me!

The first one said didn't mind (cos young guy) but the second lady just told me can't seat on grabcar. But I told her I booked under grabfamily (4-7yo). Heng ah on a whim I went and book under grab family. If not I tan ku ku at the Malaysian embassy.

@calvinadawn where's the petition you're gonna write to LTA. I want to sign it!!!

From now on also babies are rejected the grab car driver told me.

Luckily she accepted me cos she had a booster seat which she bought herself. She said she had to reject so many other family with kids cos no car seat.

LTA really abit short sighted. Did not foresee this problem.

To be honest I won't call taxi because the uncles are rude and drive recklessly. If I call taxi no booster seat also I'm more a peril cos of the way they drive!!!


I didn't think he would actually do it cos he's such a chicken. Here is he getting down and coming up by himself after grabbing his googles. He wanted his googles to go swimming and I was carrying didi and float n towels. Lazy la to go up again so I told him to go up himself and he really did!

I'm glad he's getting more confident now.
But the helper also didn't trust him, she peep n make sure he made it into the

the lift and reached ground floor properly.

Well, he's only 4.5!!!!

But still proud la. Hehe. I think I'll only let him do this when I'm really watching him.

Look at his face, he looks so smug and feels good about himself.

Under the weather today.

First meal of the day with annoying date. Had to take him out. If not didi has no peace.

My arms feels like lead.

What have I done.

Nacho bowl with pulled pork.

Run forest, run πŸƒ

Midget running. Cannot walk properly but want to run liow.


Last night the shorty rocking to Bruno mars 24K song.

Hands up in the air all.

So happy listening to it

This morning wet school run!

The raincoat is still a little bit big for him.

We bought this 2 years ago.

But he looks much longer already. He has lost all his minimal baby fat.

Boots also still big for him.

Bye Isaac, have fun in school today.

Good morning!!!

#fermentationfun must be busy sharing recipes last night. Haha.

When I said bye to him, he flashed me a big smile.

Aiyooo I don't wanna go work la.

So happy playing by himself. Clanging his toys together.

The more I say bye, the bigger his smile is.


See see, even when I was out the door waving. Still smiling.

Flashing his dimples and all.

Omg old bird here still got flowers!!!

Thank you Batdude. Lap you long time. ❀❀❀

Lychee and rose petals #waterkefir for Valentine's Day.

In the mood for love ❀️

Whitegrass | Datenniversary

So pretty!!!

I suck at taking pictures.

Our print out of what we had tonight.

The staff was so sweet. Wrote and sign a card for us.

Our 11th year paktor-anniversary.

We had the 8 course discovery menu.

No regrets. Every dish had is oohing and ahhing. Every single one better than Joel rabuchon la.

Mangalica pork lard to go with the home made sourdough bread.

So sedap!!! Let it melt a little on the warm bread. πŸ’―

Said sourdough with butter and sea salt.

Mmmm πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹

(I don't know how to lose my 20kg. Help!)


Square thingy is pork.

Round tart is caviar, white and black. Yin and yang.

Black bun is choux with a fish. Not sure what.

So cute right the tart.

The chef came out and serve us the canapΓ©s and explained it to us but of course all was forgotten once he left.

His interpretation of the bibimbap.

He came out again and served us the first course.

Explained and pour out the boiling cold tea.

I didn't miss what he said so I went "boiling cold tea?"

And he's like yup and went "it's a bit tricky to do it back in the kitchen".

Marron with citrus under taste.

Organic chicken with artichokes.

South Australian pearl oyster.

Light snack of the chefs interpretation of century egg porridge.

Australian jade tiger abalone with three treasure. I love the purΓ©ed long white eggplant at the bottom.

Me and hubs love this the most.

Roasted mangalica pork jowl, scallop silk, white turnip cream, cabbage stem, black moss and aromatic pork broth.

The fatt choy was the star of the dish la. It's so crispy yet melts in your mouth at the same time which complements how the fatty jowl disintegrates in your mouth.

The broth also really umami…


A4 toriyama wagyu.

The floss is fried wagyu tongue. Texture was good but the wagyu was too heavily salted.

The fermented mushroom purΓ©e was also good.

The saltiness really spoils the taste.

First dessert of Japanese strawberries.

Was good and refreshing.

But this was the bomb la.

Feijoa, pineapple and lime.

On a bed of almond sponge and kiap with marshmallow. The wispy thing is baked milk skin! Everything was good about this.

Really enjoyed it.

Petite four of soursop bonbon and shortbread with salted caramel.

And our complimentary chocolate cake. Not sure haha. But was good.

Thanks for hunting me down and calling me up in the Drug Info Services of Hospital Tawau 11 years ago.

How you were so cheeky giving me your number instead of asking my number straight out. That got me to call you huh! No pressure right?

Your wit and mind that got me intrigued, cos let's face it, you is orh orh, girls don't wanna go near you.

*how? Did I make you sound nice?*

My parents r down to celebrate cny with us.

Paucheeks looks so happy here.

Got look the same ah.


Finally 2F it with pineapple. Hopefully it's shiok.

These 2 small bottles are #kombucha 2F with apricot and pineapple.

Ingredients ready for dinner tonight.

Going to fry up the abacus seed.

Black fungus, dried mushrooms, garlic, onion, spring onion, cilantro, dried prawns, dried cuttlefish, mince chicken cos ran out of mine pork and 1/2 portion of the frozen abacus seed I made the other day.

Fry liow, fry liow.

For me the texture is soft and also QQ at the same time. But, there is no yammy taste. To me just feels like eating a nice and soft dough?

Next round I'm going to try and find Thai yam or Penang yam and use less tapioca flour. Also need to use mince pork. Mince chicken just cannot la. No "bite" to the meat.

But the seasoning is shiok la. Dried cuttlefish and dried prawns with a little fish sauce brings out the umami taste. The black fungus and mushroom soak up all the juice.

Over all legit looking but it's just not the same as my aunts one.

I know she fries with pork lard and chicken stock. And her abacus seed is so so so yammy taste. Eat also the after taste in your tongue is so shiok.

This is the link I follow the recipe from.

See this forlorn looking guy here?

We went to the park and I put on him korkors old shoe. He didn't like it and couldn't really stand in it like how he stands at home. So he was very quite and not cheerful for the first 1/2 an hour.

But he did crawl a little here and there on the ground.

Finally he stood after that. He even clap his hands and walk a few steps towards me but I didn't video la. Cannot coordinate catching him and videoing at the same time. Hehe.

Later on he did stand by himself but figured he could move faster by crawling.
For see myself going to the park more often now.

Got excited when he saw korkor on the swing.

Having my #kombucha 2F with cherries and rose petals.

So cool. I'm troubleshooting the abacus yam recipe with my cousins.

She said her mom deep fries the yam then only mash it. Then mix with tapioca flour.

And Penang yam is the small small purple yam. Not the big type ones.

@wokandkadhai have you seen before those small small yam?

And her ratio is 2kg yam to 500gm tapioca flour. So that's 1/4 ratio. No wonder her abacus seed is so yammy which I love!

This morning I went for a medical health check up. Partly to rule out if I've any thyroid issues and partly to find out if it's really just me getting fat.

Surprise, surprise! (Not really) the doctor said I'm obese and I should lose 20kg. Measured my waist and "Yup" she said loudly.

Recommends that I join the hospitals 6 months 1-1 weight loss program or a 3 months group weight management program. It is pricey so maybe not.

Shit just hit the fan. I really need to lose weight.

20 kg leh! Not 2kg you know!

I think the FOMO attitude towards food have to end. I should fear losing out in life.

Reminder to self that this is a HEALTH issue and not a VANITY issue.

Vanity is 2-3 kg weight loss.

This is serious. I'm OBESE I and very high history of keeling over with hypertension on both side of the family history and diabetes. I don't wanna get stroke leh.

So, imma be serious! Gradually cut back on my portion. Time to bring out the #portioncontrol plate again.

This guy is developing crazy fast la. Only 10 months and starting to walk liow. Shit.

Now taking 2-3 steps already.

Not scared one.

Fall down and slam head also nvm!!

Aiyo this dare devil.

I've been eating alone for lunch these past few months. It feels good and therapeutic.

1) I don't get judge on how much or what I eat from colleagues.

2) no small talk!

3) eat as slow or as fast as I want.

4) day dream and enjoy my own thoughts. + catch up on social media

5) take a slow or fast walk back to office. Linger around exciting shops during sale period.

It feels great! And I recommend it.

This guy ah!

Think he can walk already. Just lunge anyhow one. #10months8days

Shredded yam

Steamed and mash with tapioca starch and salt.

Shaped into abacus seed.

Ok done rolling and shaping almost 1 kg of yam and 500gm tapioca starch. Died. Ok, helper died. I did half way and my hands started to sweat badly and the dough become super sticky and gummy. I had to stop. She took over.

@xiive this one. ☝️

Boiling it. Once it's cooked, it will float up.

Took about a minute or so. Very fast. Kept fishing it out. Haha.

Faster plunge into cold water to stop it from going further and retain the QQ-Ness of it according to a lot of blogs who did this.

So yes, I faster put in cold water and kept changing the water till the abacus seed is cooled.

Once cooled, drained it and pour it with freaking loads of sesame oil so it won't stick together.

Waiting for it to dry up as much as it can and then I'll freeze it.

Will cook another day!!!! Have to go get dried shrimp, shitaake mushrooms and spring onions.

Want to fry onion to sprinkle on top of it when the dish is done.