Shredded yam

Steamed and mash with tapioca starch and salt.

Shaped into abacus seed.

Ok done rolling and shaping almost 1 kg of yam and 500gm tapioca starch. Died. Ok, helper died. I did half way and my hands started to sweat badly and the dough become super sticky and gummy. I had to stop. She took over.

@xiive this one. ☝️

Boiling it. Once it's cooked, it will float up.

Took about a minute or so. Very fast. Kept fishing it out. Haha.

Faster plunge into cold water to stop it from going further and retain the QQ-Ness of it according to a lot of blogs who did this.

So yes, I faster put in cold water and kept changing the water till the abacus seed is cooled.

Once cooled, drained it and pour it with freaking loads of sesame oil so it won't stick together.

Waiting for it to dry up as much as it can and then I'll freeze it.

Will cook another day!!!! Have to go get dried shrimp, shitaake mushrooms and spring onions.

Want to fry onion to sprinkle on top of it when the dish is done.

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