This morning I went for a medical health check up. Partly to rule out if I've any thyroid issues and partly to find out if it's really just me getting fat.

Surprise, surprise! (Not really) the doctor said I'm obese and I should lose 20kg. Measured my waist and "Yup" she said loudly.

Recommends that I join the hospitals 6 months 1-1 weight loss program or a 3 months group weight management program. It is pricey so maybe not.

Shit just hit the fan. I really need to lose weight.

20 kg leh! Not 2kg you know!

I think the FOMO attitude towards food have to end. I should fear losing out in life.

Reminder to self that this is a HEALTH issue and not a VANITY issue.

Vanity is 2-3 kg weight loss.

This is serious. I'm OBESE I and very high history of keeling over with hypertension on both side of the family history and diabetes. I don't wanna get stroke leh.

So, imma be serious! Gradually cut back on my portion. Time to bring out the #portioncontrol plate again.

This guy is developing crazy fast la. Only 10 months and starting to walk liow. Shit.

Now taking 2-3 steps already.

Not scared one.

Fall down and slam head also nvm!!

Aiyo this dare devil.

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