My parents r down to celebrate cny with us.

Paucheeks looks so happy here.

Got look the same ah.


Finally 2F it with pineapple. Hopefully it's shiok.

These 2 small bottles are #kombucha 2F with apricot and pineapple.

Ingredients ready for dinner tonight.

Going to fry up the abacus seed.

Black fungus, dried mushrooms, garlic, onion, spring onion, cilantro, dried prawns, dried cuttlefish, mince chicken cos ran out of mine pork and 1/2 portion of the frozen abacus seed I made the other day.

Fry liow, fry liow.

For me the texture is soft and also QQ at the same time. But, there is no yammy taste. To me just feels like eating a nice and soft dough?

Next round I'm going to try and find Thai yam or Penang yam and use less tapioca flour. Also need to use mince pork. Mince chicken just cannot la. No "bite" to the meat.

But the seasoning is shiok la. Dried cuttlefish and dried prawns with a little fish sauce brings out the umami taste. The black fungus and mushroom soak up all the juice.

Over all legit looking but it's just not the same as my aunts one.

I know she fries with pork lard and chicken stock. And her abacus seed is so so so yammy taste. Eat also the after taste in your tongue is so shiok.

This is the link I follow the recipe from.

See this forlorn looking guy here?

We went to the park and I put on him korkors old shoe. He didn't like it and couldn't really stand in it like how he stands at home. So he was very quite and not cheerful for the first 1/2 an hour.

But he did crawl a little here and there on the ground.

Finally he stood after that. He even clap his hands and walk a few steps towards me but I didn't video la. Cannot coordinate catching him and videoing at the same time. Hehe.

Later on he did stand by himself but figured he could move faster by crawling.
For see myself going to the park more often now.

Got excited when he saw korkor on the swing.

Having my #kombucha 2F with cherries and rose petals.

So cool. I'm troubleshooting the abacus yam recipe with my cousins.

She said her mom deep fries the yam then only mash it. Then mix with tapioca flour.

And Penang yam is the small small purple yam. Not the big type ones.

@wokandkadhai have you seen before those small small yam?

And her ratio is 2kg yam to 500gm tapioca flour. So that's 1/4 ratio. No wonder her abacus seed is so yammy which I love!

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