Whitegrass | Datenniversary

So pretty!!!

I suck at taking pictures.

Our print out of what we had tonight.

The staff was so sweet. Wrote and sign a card for us.

Our 11th year paktor-anniversary.

We had the 8 course discovery menu.

No regrets. Every dish had is oohing and ahhing. Every single one better than Joel rabuchon la.

Mangalica pork lard to go with the home made sourdough bread.

So sedap!!! Let it melt a little on the warm bread. 💯

Said sourdough with butter and sea salt.

Mmmm 😋😋😋

(I don't know how to lose my 20kg. Help!)


Square thingy is pork.

Round tart is caviar, white and black. Yin and yang.

Black bun is choux with a fish. Not sure what.

So cute right the tart.

The chef came out and serve us the canapés and explained it to us but of course all was forgotten once he left.

His interpretation of the bibimbap.

He came out again and served us the first course.

Explained and pour out the boiling cold tea.

I didn't miss what he said so I went "boiling cold tea?"

And he's like yup and went "it's a bit tricky to do it back in the kitchen".

Marron with citrus under taste.

Organic chicken with artichokes.

South Australian pearl oyster.

Light snack of the chefs interpretation of century egg porridge.

Australian jade tiger abalone with three treasure. I love the puréed long white eggplant at the bottom.

Me and hubs love this the most.

Roasted mangalica pork jowl, scallop silk, white turnip cream, cabbage stem, black moss and aromatic pork broth.

The fatt choy was the star of the dish la. It's so crispy yet melts in your mouth at the same time which complements how the fatty jowl disintegrates in your mouth.

The broth also really umami…


A4 toriyama wagyu.

The floss is fried wagyu tongue. Texture was good but the wagyu was too heavily salted.

The fermented mushroom purée was also good.

The saltiness really spoils the taste.

First dessert of Japanese strawberries.

Was good and refreshing.

But this was the bomb la.

Feijoa, pineapple and lime.

On a bed of almond sponge and kiap with marshmallow. The wispy thing is baked milk skin! Everything was good about this.

Really enjoyed it.

Petite four of soursop bonbon and shortbread with salted caramel.

And our complimentary chocolate cake. Not sure haha. But was good.

Thanks for hunting me down and calling me up in the Drug Info Services of Hospital Tawau 11 years ago.

How you were so cheeky giving me your number instead of asking my number straight out. That got me to call you huh! No pressure right?

Your wit and mind that got me intrigued, cos let's face it, you is orh orh, girls don't wanna go near you.

*how? Did I make you sound nice?*

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