Oh my gosh.

Almost kena REJECTED from the grabcar service because I had Isaac with me!

The first one said didn't mind (cos young guy) but the second lady just told me can't seat on grabcar. But I told her I booked under grabfamily (4-7yo). Heng ah on a whim I went and book under grab family. If not I tan ku ku at the Malaysian embassy.

@calvinadawn where's the petition you're gonna write to LTA. I want to sign it!!!

From now on also babies are rejected the grab car driver told me.

Luckily she accepted me cos she had a booster seat which she bought herself. She said she had to reject so many other family with kids cos no car seat.

LTA really abit short sighted. Did not foresee this problem.

To be honest I won't call taxi because the uncles are rude and drive recklessly. If I call taxi no booster seat also I'm more a peril cos of the way they drive!!!


I didn't think he would actually do it cos he's such a chicken. Here is he getting down and coming up by himself after grabbing his googles. He wanted his googles to go swimming and I was carrying didi and float n towels. Lazy la to go up again so I told him to go up himself and he really did!

I'm glad he's getting more confident now.
But the helper also didn't trust him, she peep n make sure he made it into the

the lift and reached ground floor properly.

Well, he's only 4.5!!!!

But still proud la. Hehe. I think I'll only let him do this when I'm really watching him.

Look at his face, he looks so smug and feels good about himself.

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