Skin Prick Test| igE blood taking| Dietician Review

Update for Isaiah skin prick test, blood taking for igE levels and dietician review.

Weight gain from 9 January (6 weeks time frame)
Weight: 330gm
Height: 1.5cm

He has growth which is appropriate for his age but he is not growing at the rate which is required to catch up to the higher centile. He is still below 2nd centile. Zero la actually. Means 100% of his peers are all taller and heavier than him.

At the start of his skin prick test.

Top row: cows milk, egg yolk, egg white and peanut.

Bottom row: treenuts panel. I know got almond, walnuts, pecan, hazelnut Brazil nut but I don't know which is which.

After 15 minutes, this was the result.

New allergy to cows milk!! Eggs we know since last year and peanut too.

Previously his cows skin prick was negative. Zero welts!

Now the cows milk welt is 10mm by 7mm.

I just hope his tree nut allergy don't manifest and pop up next year or a few years down the road.

After crying like mad from drawing blood.

They poke him and squeeze blood out from his upper hands vein drop by drop until around 5mls.

He didn't struggle but he cried very pitifully.

Short AF but can walk dam well for a 10 month old.

Ergh baby boy, why you no grow!!

But it's ok. I'm happy you achieve your motor skills milestone quite early on.

Next diet plan is to add soy yogurt and butter or oil to every snack.

We've been adding pork lard to ALL his main meal and still no catch up growth.

You're now more mobile and more brave.

Too brave for your own good.

Today at the park, you went and swat a boy double your size. Aiyo 1 day people swat you back you will topple over you know!!

Without a care in the world. Kept digging the ground and playing with leaves.

"Freedom" to exploreeeeee

And this korkor, using didi as a chick magnet.

He went to the girl he has a crush on and said "Lxxxx, do you want to play with my brother? He's very cute!"


The girl came and started smiling at didi. Mr smarty pants then said "you must be gentle with my brother, not so rough"

Wtf!!!! Sell your brother for your own gain!!!!! Ahhaha.

Anyway, have to repeat all this test for Isaac in November too. At least both of them can comfort each other with their allergies!

Still cannot get over how this guy potters around dam fast.

Haha. So comical also.

Got proof he ask the girl want to play with his brother.

But too bad, instastory cut off the last part where he said "he's cute"

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