Milk Kefir Cheese

Aunty here trying to make cheese from my #milkkefir

Pour the milk kefir into coffee filter and let the whey drip out.

Quite immediately can see the whey dripping out liow.

After an hour, that's the amount of whey that has dripped.

Probably need another 2-3 hrs to be done? Not sure. Will see how it goes.

Then I'm going to flavor the milk kefir cheese with:
1) garlic powder and mix herbs
2) pepper and cayenne.

Batdude can have them cheese spread with home made bread for breakfast.

So domesticated or what?

But cannot beat @wokandkadhai and @m3lcsnippet for making stuff from scratch


Lau shi, mandarin class is not working. πŸ™€πŸ™€πŸ™€

The end product!!! Milk kefir cheese.

One is seasoned with spring onion, garlic powder (at the bottom of the spring onion) and cracked black pepper on top.

The other is with Cajun seasoning, chili flakes and cracked black pepper on top.

After about almost 12 hours (cos I just left it there and went and did other stuff) this is the amount of whey collected.

Started off with 500mls milk kefir. I would say this is around 300mls or more of whey.

All the probiotic goodness from the milk kefir in cheese form.


I've already asked my helper to prepare it for Batdudes breakfast tomorrow.

To be spread on to toasted home made bread.

Batdude currently is attending Guns and Roses concert. #oldfart

Enjoying my rosè drink.

Haha no la

It's #waterkefir 2F with apple and blueberries. Turns out pink in colour so pretty.

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