Garlic powder and spring onion one.

Taste so good. Light and not salty and with a fresh feta cheese crumbly texture.

Cajun seasoning one is more awesome.

Next round I'll add more of it!!!

Aiyoo how to go back eat outside feta cheese.

Sumore I ate with warm freshly baked bread.

Project curly fries happening.

Soaking in cold water as per recommendation of @choopeechu @justpeachy @m3lcsnippet for crispy fries. Drawing out them starch n after that seasoned with Cajun. Cos have super a lot of that spice.

Cut it using the paderno spiralizer

Back at our fav sushi place.

Fried it!! @Eviee it's now like potato chips texture.

Mmmmm healthy potato chips. But not very healthy la. Deep fry one.

Omg first time feed himself!!!

Horsing around during bedtime.

Korkor and didi both had a hair cut.

This time I really made sure it's super short.

Quite rough with each other la.

Their head shape almost similar with each other. Only didi has more cheeks.

Hhehe I still cannot get over him eating potato chips by himself.

Today's 2F of #waterkefir is rose petals, plum (dam sour) and passion fruit. Took a bit of the passion fruit cos it smelled so good. I was quite surprised that it was so sweet!

I've never tasted a super sweet passion fruit before. It's so yummy! Faster ran to husband and let him have a bite too. He also 😲 pleasantly surprised.


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