Happy birthday to #paucheeks!!

You are a little chili padi, full of character. Also aptly describes you because you are so small too!

Weight: 7.5kg
Height: 70cm
Teeth: 8
Hair: can make countless troll dolls already. Had gotten 4 full hair cuts in his life.

Happiness level: 8/10
Quick to anger: 9/10
Quick to laugh: 10/10

Most of the time he is a very smiley and cheerful baby until korkor comes into the picture.

Here is he this morning.

Telling me a story about dinosaurs hahha.

Well I'm assuming it's dinosaurs or monsters cos he's making the "rawr" sound. But it's a baby rawr so it sounds like "brarrr"

The few food stuff you BLW with.

Dragon fruit and sweet nectarines.

Yes, eat up!


Trying to be like this baby here with family members arriving for didis birthday dinner this weekend.

Say no to #negativity

Happy birthday #paucheeks

Bahaha this guy!!! We were goofing around during dinner and helper (we call her yaya) ask him to do "beautiful eyes"

Play the video to see him doing it!

Another funny one.

Hello auntie @m3lcsnippet !

How are u doing??? Taken this morning. Hehe.

Exactly 1 year ago today, my mucous plug was discharged.

And at 11pm the night my contractions came on fast and strong!!!!

And by 11.30pm, water bags broke.

Dinner round 1. Roasted chicken n salad.

Passionfruit mint water kefir for drink. Forcing Batdude to drink too cos fridge running out of space.

I am so drunk with the kefir just now.

Narcissistic much?? Kissing his own handsome face 😂😂😂😂

Chili taste fermented cos it's slightly sour!

@mamaboo if I don't sieve the chili out, should be ok right?

Then it'll be chunky chili sos! Hehe.

Pissed due to some ppl who are not so considerate.

Yet, now somehow I am made to feel like I'm the inconsiderate one.

Salad, leftover scallops and chicken thighs for lunch.

Zoodles with mustard chicken thighs.

Day 2 of fermented chili. Looks like it's fermenting? Cos I see air pockets within the chili.

But could be anything. 😂😂😂

I let u know day 3 when I do a taste test.

I think it is alive. Look at the bubbles. Haha

Eating sweet pea snaps.

I think he likes it cos it's sweet.

Outakes from yesterday morning outing in the sun.

Korkor asking didi whether he wants to play.

Yes, #twinning.

Manage to make some fermented chili sauce.

Adapted from @mamaboo recipe.

I used milk kefir whey as the fermenter starter about 150mls.

~ 500gm red and green chili
~ 4 clove garlic
2 tbsp honey
Pinch of Himalayan salt
Squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Tasted a bit sweet but it's good cos I like it sweet from the honey.

Hope it ferments well in 5 days. Ok my kitchen is hot so maybe 3 days.

Dam hungry. Open freezer got frozen foie gras.

Ok! Fry it up please.

Mash it lightly on home made bread lightly toasted.


Taste even better with jam from Odette.

Oh hello!

Didn't see you there earlier.

My, looking good there, aren't we?

Let's take a closerrrrrrr look.

#paucheeks #selfie

Lunch of cauli-rice and roasted chicken leg with capsicum.


Been working late for the whole week. Work is still unfinished but I'm so glad it's Friday.

Get to rest over the weekend. Phewwww.

Yesterdays milk kefir cheese processing turned out this much of cheese.

Can last 1 week plus la. Cajun flavored.

Back to making water kefir again.

2F with passionfruit and mint. 😋😋😋

Last Sunday, I brought back only 1.5 tbsp of gigantic grains.

In 5 days I have 10 heaping tbsp.

FML. But it's ok. I can give to colleagues at work. So far I've given away to 3 people.


They wanted milk kefir grains too but I've not been making milk kefir much so my grains didn't grow as much.

Now drinking my normal kombucha 2F with cocoa powder, bee pollen and maca powder.

Batdude don't like. Says taste very spicy. 🌶???? Dafuq?

Maybe I should 2F with 🌶 and give him drink. #punishment haha.

I've so much whey now that I'm *finally* going to do some fermented hot chili sauce according to @mamaboo recipe.

Past few weeks I didn't buy chili and I thought the whey smelled funky so I threw it away! Hehe.

Ok tomorrow I promise myself to do it!!

Yes, can I help you?

Chill out time.

The Lego is so yummy.


Actually, all of korkors toys dam yummy. I always eat his toys that's why he very angry with me.

FML la. Milk kefir cheese everywhere.

Cc: @wokandkadhai

No space to put, so into the microwave and above microwave they go.

Ran out of corong, so I use my breast pump flange 😂😂😂😂😂

In the past couple of days as I get myself ready for work, a certain little guy who is not yet 1 will knock on my bedroom door.

And as he knocks on the door he will clearly call out to me "mamaaa, mamaa" in his cute baby voice.

It is very certain he knows how to call "mama" and it is directed to me.

I respond and say "yes, I'm here!" over the closed door and you can hear him squealing in glee outside.

How to not then open the door and greet him?

As soon as I open the door, he comes rushing in holding his arms out and his face smiling so broadly. Then he stamps on his feet cos he is too excited and wants me to carry.

Aiyooo so cute la. Cannot resist.


Dinner tonight.

Wild caught Alaskan salmon and spinach.

Wah bought on Sunday, today arrived already.


Bad thing about online shopping is I totally forgot I bought this, so it's a pleasant surprise!

Scoped out the biggest #waterkefir grain I found. Dam big la these new grains me and @wokandkadhai adopted.

Omg! Burped the water kefir 2F with passion fruit.

Disaster. The ceiling also kena.

Thank god I burped in the toilet. Easier to clean.

Currently enjoying cocoa milk kefir with a touch of kombuffee.


Twinning outfit 1:

Cargo pants and statement t-shirt. Yes, dad is very rad.

Navy trainers to go with it.

Twinning set 2:

3 pc t shirts. Look better on website. Nvm, wear these at home.

Twinning outfit 3:

Bright parrot prints button up shirt with blue oxford pants with suspenders.

IRL the prints super bright and cute! Couldn't resist them.

Just for didi.

Was thinking to wear this for his birthday celebration.

White oxfords with suspenders, linen button shirt in grey and white and boat shoes.

All the shoes were the smallest size but still too big for didi. #paucheeks, Y U so small. Also his clothes I bought all 6-9months old and they still look too big. Nvm, can wear longer make it worth the money.

Kombuffee. Brought to work.

Not completely paleo lunch.

Spaghetti squash with pesto sauce, leftover rib eye steak.

Top: water kefir bread with Cajun flavor milk kefir cheese

The bread is so pretty. No commercial yeast used. Only water kefir. I'm very amazed.

@wokandkadhai can't wait for you to bake your water kefir bread today!

Roast chicken and baby kailan for dinner.

Paleo diet.

Cauliflower rice and sweet onion baked chicken using coconut aminos.

Green tea for drinks.


Pan fried fish with blanch Asian green leaves (forgot what its called).

With fish paste and hand made meatball soup.

Adopted new fish ball sized grains from the water kefir bread demo organizer.

This was last night when I just put it for 1F

And this is today at 7pm.

Omg they look so gigantic. Really like longan size.

@justpeachy said these are not grains, they are stones! 😂😂😂😂

Mocha latte from Jolingx cafe.

This is my kombuffee + milk kefir 2F with cocoa powder.

Tart tasting mocha latte. Haha.

Benefits of milk kefir and coffee kombucha probiotics! #fermentationfun

Water Kefir Bread Demo Class

Listen to what korkor has to say.


Punishing this guy in the morning because he was disturbing korkor and didn't want to eat his breakfast of oats.

But korkor you tio he wants. He whack 4-5 1 inch big pieces. He self fed and help himself to the you tio from the plate next to him.


Chef tip on proofing water kefir bread.

Eh I mean folding it before proofing.

Proofed water kefir bread being prepped to be put into oven.

Chef slit the proof bread so it will expand and crust up nicely with a sexy looking crust. The butter is to make it glossy? I'm not sure. But it's yummy.

Water kefir starter should look stretchy and bubbly.

Easy to get it out of it by placing the liquids of the bread ingredients into the starter bowl.

Happy Birthday Batdude! ðŸ¦‡

Party in ma mouth.

Mushroom tea and mushroom brioche


Uni and scallop

Scallops and avocado petal.

Beetroot medley.

Rosemary infused egg.

The egg came with its own smokey carrier.

Egg carrier.

Foie gras with strawberries and quinoa and sake and hibiscus jus.

Atlantic cod fish with curry sauce. Like laksa cos got kefir leaves inside.

Pigeon 3 ways.

Legs were with barley risotto and truffle sauce

Pigeon breast with 3 diff sauce of purée artichoke, chestnuts and mushroom.

Pigeon liver in parfait texture + hazelnut.

Pre desserts.

Granita with green tea + ??

Lemon tart on lemon sable

Happy birthday Batdude!!!!

Batdudes cake was the nicest amongst all.

Long black and latte.

Petite four of meringue, canaille, mango mousse and caramel

And the restaurant was nice enough to give him a small token.

Well, that's the only gift he got. #badwife did not give him anything.

Menu for the night.

Verdict: For a Michelin mention place I think it lack personality.

Food was good but not great. It was a bit boring.

Joel robuchon had better service and food tasted slightly better.

Odette pales in comparison to Whitegrass. Whitegrass is not even top ten best restaurant in Asia yet it had so much fun and I was excited to eat everything.

Odette was a 6/10 for me.
Whitegrass 9/10 @jolingx:110217
Joel Robuchon 7/10

All were dinner sessions.


Brought my kombuffee to work today.


Poured it out and got alien looking at me.

Haha. It's probably just yeast.

I really like kombuffee a lot. Still coffee taste with some tangyness and slight fizz to it.

I flavoured this with maca powder and coco powder so quite dessert like taste. ❤

Swaying 👽

I gulped it down anyway.

Tiger Dad

Tiger mom mode.

Isaac practicing writing his Chinese name. Sorry we can't help you because we know jack shit about mandarin.

Please note his dangly folded together cute feet when he is concentrating. Where did my baby go????

This was the day before.

Actually, Batdude left instructions to his mom that Isaac is to practice writing his Chinese name.

Look 👀 who is the tiger mom now. It is not ME!

It's tiger dad! This parenthood thing is so so fun with Batdude around. I'm not joking la. I'm very happy he is a very involved dad. Super proud of Batdude.

Update on the boys health.

Both boys having fever now.

Isaac slightly elevated with 37.4 at the highest.

Didi recorded a 38.4 just before he slept. Well he is so restless now and I haven't got time for "me-time" this evening. Going to pull a all nighter with him. Poor guy keep rolling around letting out a pitiful cry intermittently. 😭
Gave him a dose of paracetamol la hoping it will help him feel better.

This sight makes me very happy.

Left to right: Jun scoby in its hotel, kombuffee continuous brewing, kombucha hotel and super tall jar also kombucha hotel and the bottle in front is kombucha 2F with coco powder, maca powder and bee pollen.

Note: kombuffee taste like mild Coca Cola.

I've been resting my #waterkefir grains now because I can't keep up with its fermenting.

Also it was getting smaller and mushier. I'm resting it in white sugar and water in the fridge for about 2-3weeks now. Haven't check ok them yet.

Anyway I also need to sleep like my kefir grains. Good night!

Getting ready ingredients to 2F my kombuffee.

The coffee kombucha manage to ferment and formed a SCOBY. So happy.

Can see the layer of scoby on the coffee kombucha after 2 days plus.

Gonna decant now.

Sick baby alert.

38.2C and very tired looking.

So whilst brewing kombucha and kombuffee, I carried him around to boob him. He feels so warm. Poor dude.

Later go shower and cool down ok?

Poor didi have been crying every 30 min since I put him for sleep time.

Every cough wakes him up and he will cry pitifully in a hoarsy cute voice. So poor thing la. I find it so pitifully cute.

Down side is, is hungry yet cannot leave and grab a snack. Dinner was caulirice and pork rib soup with corn. Filling for only an hour.

Paleo-ish but not full enough. Just prepared some kefir cheese to snack on and he cried again.

So good. But so bad at the same time.

Milk kefir cheese seasoned with Cajun seasoning. Use salted banana chips to scoop.

And he cries and cough himself awake again. Poor guy.

After almost a week tahaning my sore throat and cold, I decided to go to the doctor today.

Was given antibiotic, piriton and lozenges.

Well, I've been self medicating with paracetamol and loratidine but it's only symptomatic relief.

Snot and phlegm all so green and thick. #TMI

Wow after only 2 dose of antibiotic, I'm doing a runner to the toilet.

Gut will need rehab after this. #kefir #kombucha #junbucha, come to mamma.

Decanted the junbucha which was in my bedroom 😈

3 nights of sleeping in 22C temperature and it is not too sour. Some tartness and just the right amount of sweetness.

2F with apples, lychee, mint and rose petal. Overkill? Who cares! Because I love these flavors.

I also drank 100ml of it neat with the newly formed SCOBY like some jelly shot because my tummy doesn't feel good from the antibiotics.

Heal me fast fast.

First time making kombuffee (coffee kombucha).

Use my regular SCOBY. Hope it turns out ok 👌🏼

If it tastes good, I'm gonna do this more often. Prefer coffee to tea.

#kombucha #SCOBY

My junbucha SCOBY is so thick now. It's been left alone for quite a while cos lazy to brew.

Junbucha is made with green tea and honey only.

It's also quite heat sensitive. It does well in 20-22 degrees Celsius temperature.

Normal room temperature abit too hot. That's why my junbucha is always too sour for my liking.

So I've 1 liter brewing in my bedroom. My husband commented that my scoby sleeps with me more than he does. Haha. 😈😈😈

Wearing jeans so that his knees won't get grazed when he falls.

Checked the label and it's for 3-6 months old baby. Paucheeks here is nearly 12 months old hokay.


Before I left for work yesterday, I took Isaac for a swim.

And in the night he developed fever of 39C. I couldn't sleep cos I did feel a little guilty if it's me passing to him my sore throats bacteria/virus that made him sick.

But really, he was in darn good spirits when I left for work. So happy and his runny nose stopped too before I left.

This one was too busy playing to bid me good bye.

First day schools out and look at the havoc created.

"Look daddy, I decorated didis play pen!"

And daddy did not give him the look that he was hoping for.

Poor boy got roasted.

Yes, erase it properly.

Consequences of doing things you are not suppose to do. Better rectify it.

Didi the kaypoh trying to help.

Mummy was otw back from work and laughing to herself from daddy's reporting.

I warned Batdude not to shout too much at him.

Anyway, this parenting thing surprises me. I always thought I was the bad cop. Turns out, I'm actually the good cop and I've to comfort the boys when daddy loses it.

From the #cctv today.

I'm telling you, this little one is a tantrum thrower. He was on his back wailing for a good 5 minutes because helper changed him and then put him in his playpen. Then she went n heat his milk up. Que wailing. I could hear him from the ground floor. We live up in the 5th floor.

So I went back up to check on the situation. IMMEDIATELY when he saw me, he flip himself upright and stood up and cried for me!

Tell me, super tantrum or not.

I cannot tahan la. Screenshot ftom the cctv.

And laugh at how magnificent his tantrum is for a 11 month old boy.

Come, I 👏🏼 👏🏼 for you.

You win korkor. Hands down.

What will you do if you were touched inappropriately in a moderately packed MRT

On to another great news.

Went to my psychologist review today and I have been discharged from the follow-up.

She feels I am alright and don't see a need to continue anymore. But there is an open date to see her if I feel I need to.

And I briefly mentioned to her I got molested today but it's been taken care off. I don't feel traumatized because I took appropriate action.

Came home and saw #1 napping. I think everyone at home is feeling a bit lethargic. Must be a viral thing going around.

Took both of them downstairs in the evening to vent off some energy.

#1 suddenly said he wanted a photo so we quickly obliged. #2 just trying to get his hands on what korkor is playing with.

Wah this guy, helping himself to the heated pool

So shiok in the just after rain weather.

We are here for a special guys birthday 🎉

Cc: @wokandkadhai

Korkor requested a car balloon from the balloon lady.

And the thoughtful guy also requested 1 for didi. In orange.

Ok la. At least he thought of didi.

Didi busy walking around for a bit but we were too lazy to bring him to swim.

Last minute deco which turned out great. 👍🏼

Happy birthday HS!!!

You are very loved by your parents.

See through pool.

And no, he's not drowning. He is just doing doggie swim.

Some people can give unkind remarks 😤😤😤😤😤
Someone commented out loud within ear shot of Batdude that Isaac look like his drowning.

Are you so "duh" that you can't differentiate a person kicking to stay afloat vs drowning.


Why must say this kind of thing about a boy who has just started out swimming. Not even honed his strokes yet.

You know what? He doesn't care because he loves swimming and unkind people can suck it with their negative comments.

Anyway I'm so proud of him.

Someone offered him smarties and I couldn't hear what he said. But I saw him shaking his head and telling them no.

And he made friends with a girl around his age. After HS cake cutting, mama @wokandkadhai was cutting cake to distribute. Then someone was offering him cake and he said "no I cannot eat". His new friend insisted that "yes, you can eat!" It went back and forth and back and forth until someone ask why cannot eat?

Because I am allergic!

I'm so happy he is able to be his own food safety advocate.

He can stand his ground and say NO!

My biggest worry is that when someone he trust at school like his teachers offer him something he can't eat. And since he trust them, he might take them.

I've to remind him again and play out this scenario cos me and Batdude just thought about this.

Actually, first time witnessing him saying no and being his own voice. Makes us look like less paranoid parents! Hehe.

Dinner today. #paleo

Roast chicken thighs with sweet peppers, mash cauliflower and stir fry French beans.

My #waterkefir and #kombucha in the fridge. Nobody drink.

I've another 1 liter to be harvest. No more bottle liow to keep them in.


#waterkefir 2F with apples, lychee, strawberries and rose petal.