Wah this guy, helping himself to the heated pool

So shiok in the just after rain weather.

We are here for a special guys birthday πŸŽ‰

Cc: @wokandkadhai

Korkor requested a car balloon from the balloon lady.

And the thoughtful guy also requested 1 for didi. In orange.

Ok la. At least he thought of didi.

Didi busy walking around for a bit but we were too lazy to bring him to swim.

Last minute deco which turned out great. πŸ‘πŸΌ

Happy birthday HS!!!

You are very loved by your parents.

See through pool.

And no, he's not drowning. He is just doing doggie swim.

Some people can give unkind remarks 😀😀😀😀😀
Someone commented out loud within ear shot of Batdude that Isaac look like his drowning.

Are you so "duh" that you can't differentiate a person kicking to stay afloat vs drowning.


Why must say this kind of thing about a boy who has just started out swimming. Not even honed his strokes yet.

You know what? He doesn't care because he loves swimming and unkind people can suck it with their negative comments.

Anyway I'm so proud of him.

Someone offered him smarties and I couldn't hear what he said. But I saw him shaking his head and telling them no.

And he made friends with a girl around his age. After HS cake cutting, mama @wokandkadhai was cutting cake to distribute. Then someone was offering him cake and he said "no I cannot eat". His new friend insisted that "yes, you can eat!" It went back and forth and back and forth until someone ask why cannot eat?

Because I am allergic!

I'm so happy he is able to be his own food safety advocate.

He can stand his ground and say NO!

My biggest worry is that when someone he trust at school like his teachers offer him something he can't eat. And since he trust them, he might take them.

I've to remind him again and play out this scenario cos me and Batdude just thought about this.

Actually, first time witnessing him saying no and being his own voice. Makes us look like less paranoid parents! Hehe.

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