First day schools out and look at the havoc created.

"Look daddy, I decorated didis play pen!"

And daddy did not give him the look that he was hoping for.

Poor boy got roasted.

Yes, erase it properly.

Consequences of doing things you are not suppose to do. Better rectify it.

Didi the kaypoh trying to help.

Mummy was otw back from work and laughing to herself from daddy's reporting.

I warned Batdude not to shout too much at him.

Anyway, this parenting thing surprises me. I always thought I was the bad cop. Turns out, I'm actually the good cop and I've to comfort the boys when daddy loses it.

From the #cctv today.

I'm telling you, this little one is a tantrum thrower. He was on his back wailing for a good 5 minutes because helper changed him and then put him in his playpen. Then she went n heat his milk up. Que wailing. I could hear him from the ground floor. We live up in the 5th floor.

So I went back up to check on the situation. IMMEDIATELY when he saw me, he flip himself upright and stood up and cried for me!

Tell me, super tantrum or not.

I cannot tahan la. Screenshot ftom the cctv.

And laugh at how magnificent his tantrum is for a 11 month old boy.

Come, I ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ for you.

You win korkor. Hands down.

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