After almost a week tahaning my sore throat and cold, I decided to go to the doctor today.

Was given antibiotic, piriton and lozenges.

Well, I've been self medicating with paracetamol and loratidine but it's only symptomatic relief.

Snot and phlegm all so green and thick. #TMI

Wow after only 2 dose of antibiotic, I'm doing a runner to the toilet.

Gut will need rehab after this. #kefir #kombucha #junbucha, come to mamma.

Decanted the junbucha which was in my bedroom 😈

3 nights of sleeping in 22C temperature and it is not too sour. Some tartness and just the right amount of sweetness.

2F with apples, lychee, mint and rose petal. Overkill? Who cares! Because I love these flavors.

I also drank 100ml of it neat with the newly formed SCOBY like some jelly shot because my tummy doesn't feel good from the antibiotics.

Heal me fast fast.

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