Getting ready ingredients to 2F my kombuffee.

The coffee kombucha manage to ferment and formed a SCOBY. So happy.

Can see the layer of scoby on the coffee kombucha after 2 days plus.

Gonna decant now.

Sick baby alert.

38.2C and very tired looking.

So whilst brewing kombucha and kombuffee, I carried him around to boob him. He feels so warm. Poor dude.

Later go shower and cool down ok?

Poor didi have been crying every 30 min since I put him for sleep time.

Every cough wakes him up and he will cry pitifully in a hoarsy cute voice. So poor thing la. I find it so pitifully cute.

Down side is, is hungry yet cannot leave and grab a snack. Dinner was caulirice and pork rib soup with corn. Filling for only an hour.

Paleo-ish but not full enough. Just prepared some kefir cheese to snack on and he cried again.

So good. But so bad at the same time.

Milk kefir cheese seasoned with Cajun seasoning. Use salted banana chips to scoop.

And he cries and cough himself awake again. Poor guy.

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