Tiger Dad

Tiger mom mode.

Isaac practicing writing his Chinese name. Sorry we can't help you because we know jack shit about mandarin.

Please note his dangly folded together cute feet when he is concentrating. Where did my baby go????

This was the day before.

Actually, Batdude left instructions to his mom that Isaac is to practice writing his Chinese name.

Look đŸ‘€ who is the tiger mom now. It is not ME!

It's tiger dad! This parenthood thing is so so fun with Batdude around. I'm not joking la. I'm very happy he is a very involved dad. Super proud of Batdude.

Update on the boys health.

Both boys having fever now.

Isaac slightly elevated with 37.4 at the highest.

Didi recorded a 38.4 just before he slept. Well he is so restless now and I haven't got time for "me-time" this evening. Going to pull a all nighter with him. Poor guy keep rolling around letting out a pitiful cry intermittently. đŸ˜­
Gave him a dose of paracetamol la hoping it will help him feel better.

This sight makes me very happy.

Left to right: Jun scoby in its hotel, kombuffee continuous brewing, kombucha hotel and super tall jar also kombucha hotel and the bottle in front is kombucha 2F with coco powder, maca powder and bee pollen.

Note: kombuffee taste like mild Coca Cola.

I've been resting my #waterkefir grains now because I can't keep up with its fermenting.

Also it was getting smaller and mushier. I'm resting it in white sugar and water in the fridge for about 2-3weeks now. Haven't check ok them yet.

Anyway I also need to sleep like my kefir grains. Good night!

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