Happy Birthday Batdude! 🦇

Party in ma mouth.

Mushroom tea and mushroom brioche


Uni and scallop

Scallops and avocado petal.

Beetroot medley.

Rosemary infused egg.

The egg came with its own smokey carrier.

Egg carrier.

Foie gras with strawberries and quinoa and sake and hibiscus jus.

Atlantic cod fish with curry sauce. Like laksa cos got kefir leaves inside.

Pigeon 3 ways.

Legs were with barley risotto and truffle sauce

Pigeon breast with 3 diff sauce of purée artichoke, chestnuts and mushroom.

Pigeon liver in parfait texture + hazelnut.

Pre desserts.

Granita with green tea + ??

Lemon tart on lemon sable

Happy birthday Batdude!!!!

Batdudes cake was the nicest amongst all.

Long black and latte.

Petite four of meringue, canaille, mango mousse and caramel

And the restaurant was nice enough to give him a small token.

Well, that's the only gift he got. #badwife did not give him anything.

Menu for the night.

Verdict: For a Michelin mention place I think it lack personality.

Food was good but not great. It was a bit boring.

Joel robuchon had better service and food tasted slightly better.

Odette pales in comparison to Whitegrass. Whitegrass is not even top ten best restaurant in Asia yet it had so much fun and I was excited to eat everything.

Odette was a 6/10 for me.
Whitegrass 9/10 @jolingx:110217
Joel Robuchon 7/10

All were dinner sessions.

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