Water Kefir Bread Demo Class

Listen to what korkor has to say.


Punishing this guy in the morning because he was disturbing korkor and didn't want to eat his breakfast of oats.

But korkor you tio he wants. He whack 4-5 1 inch big pieces. He self fed and help himself to the you tio from the plate next to him.


Chef tip on proofing water kefir bread.

Eh I mean folding it before proofing.

Proofed water kefir bread being prepped to be put into oven.

Chef slit the proof bread so it will expand and crust up nicely with a sexy looking crust. The butter is to make it glossy? I'm not sure. But it's yummy.

Water kefir starter should look stretchy and bubbly.

Easy to get it out of it by placing the liquids of the bread ingredients into the starter bowl.

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