In the past couple of days as I get myself ready for work, a certain little guy who is not yet 1 will knock on my bedroom door.

And as he knocks on the door he will clearly call out to me "mamaaa, mamaa" in his cute baby voice.

It is very certain he knows how to call "mama" and it is directed to me.

I respond and say "yes, I'm here!" over the closed door and you can hear him squealing in glee outside.

How to not then open the door and greet him?

As soon as I open the door, he comes rushing in holding his arms out and his face smiling so broadly. Then he stamps on his feet cos he is too excited and wants me to carry.

Aiyooo so cute la. Cannot resist.


Dinner tonight.

Wild caught Alaskan salmon and spinach.

Wah bought on Sunday, today arrived already.


Bad thing about online shopping is I totally forgot I bought this, so it's a pleasant surprise!

Scoped out the biggest #waterkefir grain I found. Dam big la these new grains me and @wokandkadhai adopted.

Omg! Burped the water kefir 2F with passion fruit.

Disaster. The ceiling also kena.

Thank god I burped in the toilet. Easier to clean.

Currently enjoying cocoa milk kefir with a touch of kombuffee.


Twinning outfit 1:

Cargo pants and statement t-shirt. Yes, dad is very rad.

Navy trainers to go with it.

Twinning set 2:

3 pc t shirts. Look better on website. Nvm, wear these at home.

Twinning outfit 3:

Bright parrot prints button up shirt with blue oxford pants with suspenders.

IRL the prints super bright and cute! Couldn't resist them.

Just for didi.

Was thinking to wear this for his birthday celebration.

White oxfords with suspenders, linen button shirt in grey and white and boat shoes.

All the shoes were the smallest size but still too big for didi. #paucheeks, Y U so small. Also his clothes I bought all 6-9months old and they still look too big. Nvm, can wear longer make it worth the money.

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