Lunch of cauli-rice and roasted chicken leg with capsicum.


Been working late for the whole week. Work is still unfinished but I'm so glad it's Friday.

Get to rest over the weekend. Phewwww.

Yesterdays milk kefir cheese processing turned out this much of cheese.

Can last 1 week plus la. Cajun flavored.

Back to making water kefir again.

2F with passionfruit and mint. šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹šŸ˜‹

Last Sunday, I brought back only 1.5 tbsp of gigantic grains.

In 5 days I have 10 heaping tbsp.

FML. But it's ok. I can give to colleagues at work. So far I've given away to 3 people.


They wanted milk kefir grains too but I've not been making milk kefir much so my grains didn't grow as much.

Now drinking my normal kombucha 2F with cocoa powder, bee pollen and maca powder.

Batdude don't like. Says taste very spicy. šŸŒ¶???? Dafuq?

Maybe I should 2F with šŸŒ¶ and give him drink. #punishment haha.

I've so much whey now that I'm *finally* going to do some fermented hot chili sauce according to @mamaboo recipe.

Past few weeks I didn't buy chili and I thought the whey smelled funky so I threw it away! Hehe.

Ok tomorrow I promise myself to do it!!

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