Hello auntie @m3lcsnippet !

How are u doing??? Taken this morning. Hehe.

Exactly 1 year ago today, my mucous plug was discharged.

And at 11pm the night my contractions came on fast and strong!!!!

And by 11.30pm, water bags broke.

Dinner round 1. Roasted chicken n salad.

Passionfruit mint water kefir for drink. Forcing Batdude to drink too cos fridge running out of space.

I am so drunk with the kefir just now.

Narcissistic much?? Kissing his own handsome face 😂😂😂😂

Chili taste fermented cos it's slightly sour!

@mamaboo if I don't sieve the chili out, should be ok right?

Then it'll be chunky chili sos! Hehe.

Pissed due to some ppl who are not so considerate.

Yet, now somehow I am made to feel like I'm the inconsiderate one.

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