Happy birthday to #paucheeks!!

You are a little chili padi, full of character. Also aptly describes you because you are so small too!

Weight: 7.5kg
Height: 70cm
Teeth: 8
Hair: can make countless troll dolls already. Had gotten 4 full hair cuts in his life.

Happiness level: 8/10
Quick to anger: 9/10
Quick to laugh: 10/10

Most of the time he is a very smiley and cheerful baby until korkor comes into the picture.

Here is he this morning.

Telling me a story about dinosaurs hahha.

Well I'm assuming it's dinosaurs or monsters cos he's making the "rawr" sound. But it's a baby rawr so it sounds like "brarrr"

The few food stuff you BLW with.

Dragon fruit and sweet nectarines.

Yes, eat up!


Trying to be like this baby here with family members arriving for didis birthday dinner this weekend.

Say no to #negativity

Happy birthday #paucheeks

Bahaha this guy!!! We were goofing around during dinner and helper (we call her yaya) ask him to do "beautiful eyes"

Play the video to see him doing it!

Another funny one.

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