Time for a hair cut.

Morning fuel.

Nitro cold brew.



Start of the water works.

Look so thin after hair cut 😟😟😟

How come look so thin after cutting hair one. Aiyoooooo

Since I feel and look like crap now most days

Batdude sent me this to cheer me up.

Heh thanks to his semi blind colleague who thinks I look like that. πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„

My lunch today.

Very little la. I think my helper really wants me to slim down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Poor Isaac.

Went for field trip with his school today.

Accidentally came into contact with an allergen.

His teachers quickly SMS the picture to Batdude.

He told them to wash it off and give the zrytec.

This morning Batdude went and remind them about not giving him his allergic food too.

Batdude fetch him back from school and quickly changed out of his uniform.

Well, the poor boy is fine.

I think it's "poor teachers"

I'm sure their heart must be beating wildly.

This fella was happy to see daddy back at home hence the big smile!

The baby we have at home is a very obedient and observant fella.

Korkor was changing out of his pyjamas and into his uniform. He took korkors pj bottom and went puttering around. So helper and me asked "didi, put korkors clothes into the laundry basket please?"
He pottered to the laundry basket and throw korkors bottom in. πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

This is the second time I've seen him do it.

He really knows what we are saying and asking him to do. #12months3weeks old.

Didi art jamming last Saturday.

Not for the faint hearted!!

At the end he had paint on his cheeks and thighs. His fingers all black.

@m3lcsnippet nah got pictures for you liow.

Masterpiece in progress.

Can hold brush, can dip into the paint.

Ok, pass. Just like grandad the artist.

Mix art tools for more "feel".

Both boys thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

One left handed, one right handed.

On Sunday

We thought, maybe art jamming with crayons would be safer. Less mess to clean.

Looking at korkor for inspiration.

Wah korkor draw so niceeeee – said no one ever.

Share some crayons please.

Then this happen.


More interested in eating crayons than drawing with them.

In the end korkor cannot tahan, so helped didi out.

We also made chicken nuggets for didi to BLW.

Now he doesn't want us to feed him. Wants to hold his own food. Finally.

So we trialed on some chicken breast, coated with chia seed+water and home made breadcrumbs.

Loved the crunchy bits. Then spat out the chicken meat after he sucked out all the chicken juice.

Ok done.


With a glass of passionfruit rose #Junbucha


There is an upcoming meeting in May which I will be away from home for 10-11 days. That is another logistic nightmare to tackle. But the reason I am going to gripe is not about that.

The team is required to do a short video of what we interpret certain processes are about.

Today, the video was shared for our feedback.

I saw myself. I cringe. I may even have cried.

I do not look anything like how I use to look pre #2.

I look like your friendly voluptuous sales person/receptionist.

The one that eats 2 lunches and takes too many tea breaks.

Chanced upon this photo sitting in my google drive.

2 years after giving birth to Isaac. August 2014.

Also photo taking for BBG round 1.

Ahhhhh why did I think I was fat?


So fat until my skirt stretch until cannot stretch so it tore.

thank you for serving me for 8 years. Can put you to rest now.

Cats and Dogs!

Oh no, the rain is so heavy. I'm late for my meeting.

Couldn't get taxi or grab car too.

Now the sky so clear can see singapore flyer from my pumping room.

Going to see Jim now. Hopefully he'll make me great again!

I pray and hope I don't receive this type of messages from the helper. Or from any family member or person responsible for the kids.

My heart literally drops every time.

I called her to find out what happen exactly, whether kids lose consciousness or just develop hives.

If they become sleepy, it is dangerous.

Luckily I just finish gym and otw back. And plan to shower at home only.

#foodallergy #anaphylaxisallergy

This is the reason why my anxiety levels are higher than normal population.

We have to be constantly vigilant on their surroundings in regards to food.

Any contaminate even just a slight touch can trigger a reaction.

Ok, at least I am able to calm my self down now and now the anxiety take over my whole thoughts.

Glad my psychologist helped me identify this feeling and mitigate it.

Commercial break.

My #junbucha is extremely alive. 2F for 2 days with passionfruit and rose petals.

Gonna refrigerate now.


Inspired and awed

Omg I'm so amazed and awed by my cleaner aunty!

She's a breast cancer survivor!!!

Cos I asked where she went yesterday as she wasn't in the office. And she told me she went for check up due to her breast CA follow up.

*jaw drop*

She's so full of life and hard working. I can never tell. Or anyone could tell she's a survivor. I tot her optimism is in born (like how Batdude is pathologically euphoric).

My new role model!!! Also, she makes amazing glutinous rice.

Also, since I'm #dayrehamsupqueen (Wah never use this hashtag dam long already), she showed me her scar. From her chest until her armpit!

Amazing. She did a mastectomy unilaterally and was on tamoxifen. I ask whether she used our company's drug (which is IV) or took a tablet. She said tablet so I knew it was tamoxifen.

I'm so glad its controlled now. No relapse or anything from her drs check up! Celebrate! Later buy her small cake to celebrate. Hehe.

I told her she's very brave and I look up to her.
#breastcancersurvivor #breastcancer

She did not let herself be defeated by it physically and mentally! She is living her life.

If only I can be half as Alive as her. 😍😍😍

Our everyday hero.

PS: yes, I think only semi-strangers will flash their boob at me. Cos u know, my face is just like that. Hehe. Her scar very clean and nice. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I didn't make a cake, but I bought a cupcake for her to celebrate!

She said "for what?"

I said to celebrate good news la! Then she pretend angry me and say to share! Hahah.

Just broke open the mochis' I brought from Haneda airport.

Omgooodness. They're so soft.

How cute is this!!!!!

I was talking to Batdude about Isaac and he mentioned that Isaac drew Batman, Superman and another super hero (I dunno who). N at the bottom there were bad guys! Superheroes were obviously fighting them. Isaac then ask Batdude how to spell "ATTACK" and Batdude told him how to spell it.

Then it dawn to him that Isaac was actually drawing a comic of superheroes defeating bad guys!

Edit: oh it's Robin next to batman (obviously!!) haha.

See the word "ATTACK" got marks next to it to emphasis the "action".

The superheroes got "success.jpg" and "determined" face on them.

This is obviously a "dead" bad guy cos he's been crossed out.

Omg la I'm sooooo impressed!!!!!

And he signed his first comic drawing.


I'm seriously amazed and awwed by him.

Morning nitro cold brew with fam bam.

Isaac got board and started taking picture of everybody.

Family selfie.

Rare to have Isaac smiling in pictures like that.

Selfie with mummy.

Didi was so cute and animated during lunch today.

See his "like that lo" expression.

Hahaah this one is good too!

"And then, poof, food all gone!"

Heheheh "mai la, mai la"

I had Hana chirashi and clam soup.

Still gian Japanese food.

Wish me luck.

Dam mountain climbers.

So dam glam

Circuit 1: 1×1.75, 1×1.5
Circuit 2: 1×1.75, 1.75
Stretching routine lower body.

Took my phone and selfie.

Both of them went down to burn some excess energy.

Didi is fearless. Wants to climb on the scooter and have a go.

This drawing got look like didi??

Batdude drew this cos now finish his exams already, nowadays got loads of free time to pursue his hobby.

He pass his ICU exit. He told me when I was about to leave this Shinjuku Gyoen.

Such a surreal feeling. I was there last week, hearing good news. And this week back to the grind.

Ok la back to the grind since Monday.

Next week is gonna be full on grind. Because another audit.


Yesterday video of isaac wolfing down chicken rice at 10am at the zoo.

Didi was taking his nap.

Then finish chicken rice liow I offered some fruits he also whack.

Must be good mood then started singing mandarin songs.

Lots of pointless post because wanna get rid of my glam face on the thumbnails.

One more post, because look at the beauty!

You guys think still can catch the blooms?? @justpeachy @wokandkadhai

Can try since in Japan now!!!

Promise last one!!

Cos I still see my face on the thumbnail. Haha.

Good morning!!

We are at the zoo! Waiting for feeding time.

Kai kai at river safari.

This guy not bad. Actually paid attention to the animals and watched them.

Not like korkor, totally blur at his age.

#ootd before we left for zoo!!

Cool like mama and Rad like dad!

Most of the time it's actually like this.

Japan food haul.

Beauty cosmetic shop haul.

Have you seen a more sad shopping haul ever.

Ok thanks bye!

These crackers are so colorful.

What's in one of each pack. Every pack is different.

It's so good. Yummy

You know you've hit motherhood low when your busy husband is the one making vaccination appointments for your child.

Or in a parallel universe, he is actually finally playing his dad role?

Hahaha aiyah. I have no time to get my act together.

Back to back audits!!! And conferences!!!

What the hell! And I thought this year I would like to go under the radar and concentrate on my kids. Fat chance!

Shop shop shop.


Pelvis belt!

Ah if only I had this when I was pregnant. Don't feel the "heavy" belly with this.

How apt. I was having neck ache from looking at the presentations and the furiously writing notes (with my erasable pen of cos!)

Gonna use one now!

This thing dam randoml Le.

Ear pick. Dig gold out from ears.

Yes i need this.

Wear and close my mouth. Diet done right!

Fell for the gimmick rose foam.


Contemplated getting this lunch box for Isaac. But not much compartments.

Settled for this Spider-Man.

Snap this pic for the ladies in #fermentationfun

Apparently quite cheap. Cheaper than in singapore.

This one also very cheap according to @lavishlyloved and @m3lcsnippet

Then I saw these and ask the ladies.

Obviously no need to think. Don't need also #buy!

How come so cheappp???

Then I saw these. Took me a while to figure out what it was. Can't make it out.

Maybe it's for men.

But this!

This I know! Ahhahahaha!

Batdude ask me if I got one?

No thanks!!!

Got butt plug and egg and wtf.

This Luigi cosplay thing though.

The placement of it very disturbing. It's next to the vibrators!!!

All your second hand Chanel and hermes and etc.

Not that cheap. Better off buying from the official retail shop because price points not much of a difference.

The magic erasing pens!

@Brgxx says it's quite cheap.

But I didn't get any la. I've plenty of pens at home cos ermmm nature of my industry gives them out for free. Hehe.


Checked off

Yea incredibly sad that I'm alone.

Good luck Batdude in you ICU exit exams.

All the cherry blossom luck just for you. 😘😘😘

Taking selfie of myself. Alone. I think it's incredibly sad.

Maybe feet picture not so bad.

I wuz herezzzzZzzz

So feels. Lonely path. But pretty cherry blossoms at the end.

It's actually a wet and cold day. Slightly drizzling.

Tea house, garden, over hanging cherry blossoms over body of water.

Taking it all in.

Sakura Sakura!

Am I dreaming?

Can you see the old couple under the trees? Shaded by the cherry blossoms.


Crying. Cos so beautiful.

I wish o had more time. But I'm running late. Need to be at the airport now.

Back at ginza to grab my bags and head to the airport.

It's pedestrians day on Saturday from 12.00pm onwards. So walk in freedom!!

Ahhh let's do this!

*Determined face*

My breakfast.

Cookie shot. Unfortunately, they didn't tell me to put the milk in the fridge. So after 1 day out in room temperature, the milk congealed liow. I so sad 😭

But the cookie cup dam nice la.

Early morning looking cute.

As usual, always not very keen with my expressed breast milk.

I miss all of them already.

Goals for tomorrow:

Must visit Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

Last time I visited Tokyo, I didn't prioritize this. And now since it's cherry blossoms season, I MUST go.



When I first went out with Batdude, I told him a must visit together is Japan during cherry blossoms season.

Well, I'm here now just a little disappointed he's not here with me.

Oh well, next year maybe? My wish has partially been granted. Haha.

Dinner situation.

Some small dark alley.


Authentic place.

With loads of locals.

Chicken with leek

Chicken pieces


This plate with sweet soy sauce.

Grilled with salt:

Quail eggs
Bacon asparagus
Chicken and shiitake mushroom
Duck and leek
Chicken skin

So good. Surprised I was quite full after all 9 sticks.

Close up of the yakitori!

9 sticks came up to about 1700Β₯ only.

How to eat yakitori in singapore anymore. So exp in comparison.

Charred chicken bits. Mmmmm

So tender la.

Then I saw some Sakuras!!!


Inspired by them,

I bought some Sakura snacks haha.

From the Sakura shop.

Must eat by today.

Mochi with red bean and strawberry.

Inside!!! ❀❀❀❀

I like the red bean n mochi skin but not so much the strawberry cos it wasn't super sweet.

The mochi skin though, so smoothhhh

Sakura mochi I think.

How the insides look. Idk can eat the leaves n flowers or not.

They taste a bit salty and leafy. So imma leave that out. πŸ˜‚

Bought some apparently famous waffles too. Matcha flavor. Not bad!

Best Buy of the day!!

Nike shoes and socks both for only Β₯6500. I can't believe the shoes was going only for Β₯5500!!! SGD79!


I didn't claim tax refund of 8% cos I wanted to wear it to the shinjuku park tomorrow!! But if I did, it then would cost only Β₯5980 for these.

Omg seriously a steal!

Kyubey Ginza

Last nights bakery goods.

The cookie shot is packaged so nicely.

No time to open them la n take photo.

Ohhh and their Black Kokuto Sugar DKA.

So good la this one.

Puff pastry/croissant like texture with caramelish kaya taste. It's not sickly sweet. Just right amount of sweetness.

Mmmmm good choice of breakfast to me as I'm rushing!

Early mornings "awwww".

Didi looking for me. Lucky last night didn't cry badly. Only woke up once according to Batdude.

Isaac no change.

I did FaceTime him and showed him the train coming and going in the station.

Trust Japanese people to come up with pen that can be erased!

3 things to do before leaving Japan

1. Eat good sushi!

2. See sakura blooming!

3. Shopping!!! But I will prioritize number 1 & 2 first.

My appointment at the sushi place is in 2 hrs time. So now I'm walking around aimlessly


Yellow tail


Needs no introduction.


Ama Ebi.

This is my fav. Chef asked me how I like my prawns and proceeded to put the life bugger on my plate. He was still moving. His legs still "swimming"

I said whichever is best. He decides.

So good!!! So sweet and springy and Yums.


Horse mackerel.

Otoro (I think)

Melty good.

Salad and soup.

Shellfish was good too!

Our ebi friend here, grilled.


Handsome guy.

Daikon sandwich. Stuffed with sesame and ?? Leaves.


Still warm from the grill. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

Texture is so good.

Tuna roll, cucumber and preserved squash.

Taught me to only dip the tuna and cucumber with a little soy.

Preserved radish.

So fluffy one this egg!!!

Almost like a sponge cake consistency.

Good πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

My chef at work.

Friendly yet unobtrusive.

Let me enjoy my sushi by myself.

I did notice he made my sushi with very little rice. He even served me the radish which is on the smaller side.


Took a slow walk after dinner at neon ginza.

@jennylau went to Hakuhinkan toy park.

Loads of toys.

But I think Isaac outgrew all the takara tomy toys.

Was comparing price. Same as singapore.

Isaac asked me for Luigi.

3 years ago when I was here, I bought him a Mario go cart battery car. He remember the box had a "green Mario"

When i told him I'm going Japan again, he requested for Luigi the green Mario.

Omg his memory dam good la. The box throw away long time di, still can remember.

Gonna find it! Unfortunately this toy shop don't have.

The boys update:

Didi was so happy this morning!!!!

Hahha so cute.

Sulky korkor telling Batdude "no pictures!"

Ok goodnight.

Tomorrow another long day which starts earlier than today.

I'll dream of my Batdude. Eh this sticker so apt!


Satay on board.

Got the passmo. It's like our ezylink.

Reached ginza!

View of room. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Sauce for beef.


Point point point and beef came.


Ahhaha then fatty here not full from that few pieces of meat.

Hello my first ever ippudo ramen.

It's the best ramen I've eaten so far.

BUT, I'm not a ramen fan and this is much better than ramen play in singapore. Hahaha to be honest I don't eat much ramen but I can say this is good. Don't have the salty taste.

Then after stomach has eaten, the eyes must eat.

I saw this and I'm like OMG!!! Isn't this like the famous bakery!

Faster go buy!!!

Saw some cute stuff particularly this marshmallow apple.

A lot of Easter eggs too but I didn't get those.

Got a cookie shot and their DKA dunno what pastry. They were handling samples out and it's so goooood.

Batdude sent in updates of the boys.

To remind me that I have kids.

Eheheh no la. They look ok so far.

This was made by my office cleaner aunty.

Glutinous rice stuffed into taupok

More glutinous rice. 😍😍

Dried prawn chili for dipping with the cucumber.

I don't know what I did for her to make this for me.

So yummy. When eat already felt so warm.

Delicious too!!!

We went for a dietitian review for #paucheeks just now. And things are not looking good.

Yes he did put on weight in these 6 weeks. About 450gm and height of 2.3cm.

But the overall growth is at maintenance phase and he is still not catching up.

I saw the graph she plotted for the overall growth. It had a drastic dip down.

Fucking down la I feel. 😭😭😭

The plan now is to give him even more concentrated soy formula of 40mls water to 1 scoop of formula. All day time feed is also formula.

Only at night latch on.

At every meal, he must have desserts of fruits and soy yogurt/cream.

And must have protein of 1 palm baby size of either lamb or beef at least. Which is about 1/4 of our palm size.

Pork lard or avocado oil of 1.5 tsp to his meals. Every single meal.

And because he is so small, he needs to be supplemented with vitamin D.

We really need all the extra calories.

Next review in 6 weeks again.

I dunno what else to do already la.

Also if he tolerated almond flour, need to sprinkle it on to his meals too.

Not only that, she is pushing me to try bake goods with dairy containing ingredients.

I've been postponing it but he needs to be introduced.

Ok, I'll do it after I come back from Japan.

Korkor also needs to be introduced dairy containing baked goods.

It was drizzling when we left for Isaiahs birthday dinner.

But that didn't dampen his spirits.

Mama hurry up, lets go.

Toothy grin.

Looking all suave and dapper.

Hehe no la no la. I'm just a regular guy (baby)

Let's play ball!

Last minute, we manage to get a cake for didi!

Posting this up cos didi looks so happy blowing his cake.

Korkor as sulky as always.