This was made by my office cleaner aunty.

Glutinous rice stuffed into taupok

More glutinous rice. 😍😍

Dried prawn chili for dipping with the cucumber.

I don't know what I did for her to make this for me.

So yummy. When eat already felt so warm.

Delicious too!!!

We went for a dietitian review for #paucheeks just now. And things are not looking good.

Yes he did put on weight in these 6 weeks. About 450gm and height of 2.3cm.

But the overall growth is at maintenance phase and he is still not catching up.

I saw the graph she plotted for the overall growth. It had a drastic dip down.

Fucking down la I feel. 😭😭😭

The plan now is to give him even more concentrated soy formula of 40mls water to 1 scoop of formula. All day time feed is also formula.

Only at night latch on.

At every meal, he must have desserts of fruits and soy yogurt/cream.

And must have protein of 1 palm baby size of either lamb or beef at least. Which is about 1/4 of our palm size.

Pork lard or avocado oil of 1.5 tsp to his meals. Every single meal.

And because he is so small, he needs to be supplemented with vitamin D.

We really need all the extra calories.

Next review in 6 weeks again.

I dunno what else to do already la.

Also if he tolerated almond flour, need to sprinkle it on to his meals too.

Not only that, she is pushing me to try bake goods with dairy containing ingredients.

I've been postponing it but he needs to be introduced.

Ok, I'll do it after I come back from Japan.

Korkor also needs to be introduced dairy containing baked goods.

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