Satay on board.

Got the passmo. It's like our ezylink.

Reached ginza!

View of room. 😂😂😂


Sauce for beef.


Point point point and beef came.


Ahhaha then fatty here not full from that few pieces of meat.

Hello my first ever ippudo ramen.

It's the best ramen I've eaten so far.

BUT, I'm not a ramen fan and this is much better than ramen play in singapore. Hahaha to be honest I don't eat much ramen but I can say this is good. Don't have the salty taste.

Then after stomach has eaten, the eyes must eat.

I saw this and I'm like OMG!!! Isn't this like the famous bakery!

Faster go buy!!!

Saw some cute stuff particularly this marshmallow apple.

A lot of Easter eggs too but I didn't get those.

Got a cookie shot and their DKA dunno what pastry. They were handling samples out and it's so goooood.

Batdude sent in updates of the boys.

To remind me that I have kids.

Eheheh no la. They look ok so far.

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