Kyubey Ginza

Last nights bakery goods.

The cookie shot is packaged so nicely.

No time to open them la n take photo.

Ohhh and their Black Kokuto Sugar DKA.

So good la this one.

Puff pastry/croissant like texture with caramelish kaya taste. It's not sickly sweet. Just right amount of sweetness.

Mmmmm good choice of breakfast to me as I'm rushing!

Early mornings "awwww".

Didi looking for me. Lucky last night didn't cry badly. Only woke up once according to Batdude.

Isaac no change.

I did FaceTime him and showed him the train coming and going in the station.

Trust Japanese people to come up with pen that can be erased!

3 things to do before leaving Japan

1. Eat good sushi!

2. See sakura blooming!

3. Shopping!!! But I will prioritize number 1 & 2 first.

My appointment at the sushi place is in 2 hrs time. So now I'm walking around aimlessly


Yellow tail


Needs no introduction.


Ama Ebi.

This is my fav. Chef asked me how I like my prawns and proceeded to put the life bugger on my plate. He was still moving. His legs still "swimming"

I said whichever is best. He decides.

So good!!! So sweet and springy and Yums.


Horse mackerel.

Otoro (I think)

Melty good.

Salad and soup.

Shellfish was good too!

Our ebi friend here, grilled.


Handsome guy.

Daikon sandwich. Stuffed with sesame and ?? Leaves.


Still warm from the grill. 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Texture is so good.

Tuna roll, cucumber and preserved squash.

Taught me to only dip the tuna and cucumber with a little soy.

Preserved radish.

So fluffy one this egg!!!

Almost like a sponge cake consistency.

Good 👌🏼

My chef at work.

Friendly yet unobtrusive.

Let me enjoy my sushi by myself.

I did notice he made my sushi with very little rice. He even served me the radish which is on the smaller side.


Took a slow walk after dinner at neon ginza.

@jennylau went to Hakuhinkan toy park.

Loads of toys.

But I think Isaac outgrew all the takara tomy toys.

Was comparing price. Same as singapore.

Isaac asked me for Luigi.

3 years ago when I was here, I bought him a Mario go cart battery car. He remember the box had a "green Mario"

When i told him I'm going Japan again, he requested for Luigi the green Mario.

Omg his memory dam good la. The box throw away long time di, still can remember.

Gonna find it! Unfortunately this toy shop don't have.

The boys update:

Didi was so happy this morning!!!!

Hahha so cute.

Sulky korkor telling Batdude "no pictures!"

Ok goodnight.

Tomorrow another long day which starts earlier than today.

I'll dream of my Batdude. Eh this sticker so apt!

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