Ahhh let's do this!

*Determined face*

My breakfast.

Cookie shot. Unfortunately, they didn't tell me to put the milk in the fridge. So after 1 day out in room temperature, the milk congealed liow. I so sad 😭

But the cookie cup dam nice la.

Early morning looking cute.

As usual, always not very keen with my expressed breast milk.

I miss all of them already.

Goals for tomorrow:

Must visit Shinjuku Gyoen Park.

Last time I visited Tokyo, I didn't prioritize this. And now since it's cherry blossoms season, I MUST go.



When I first went out with Batdude, I told him a must visit together is Japan during cherry blossoms season.

Well, I'm here now just a little disappointed he's not here with me.

Oh well, next year maybe? My wish has partially been granted. Haha.

Dinner situation.

Some small dark alley.


Authentic place.

With loads of locals.

Chicken with leek

Chicken pieces


This plate with sweet soy sauce.

Grilled with salt:

Quail eggs
Bacon asparagus
Chicken and shiitake mushroom
Duck and leek
Chicken skin

So good. Surprised I was quite full after all 9 sticks.

Close up of the yakitori!

9 sticks came up to about 1700¥ only.

How to eat yakitori in singapore anymore. So exp in comparison.

Charred chicken bits. Mmmmm

So tender la.

Then I saw some Sakuras!!!


Inspired by them,

I bought some Sakura snacks haha.

From the Sakura shop.

Must eat by today.

Mochi with red bean and strawberry.

Inside!!! ❤❤❤❤

I like the red bean n mochi skin but not so much the strawberry cos it wasn't super sweet.

The mochi skin though, so smoothhhh

Sakura mochi I think.

How the insides look. Idk can eat the leaves n flowers or not.

They taste a bit salty and leafy. So imma leave that out. 😂

Bought some apparently famous waffles too. Matcha flavor. Not bad!

Best Buy of the day!!

Nike shoes and socks both for only ¥6500. I can't believe the shoes was going only for ¥5500!!! SGD79!


I didn't claim tax refund of 8% cos I wanted to wear it to the shinjuku park tomorrow!! But if I did, it then would cost only ¥5980 for these.

Omg seriously a steal!

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