Shop shop shop.


Pelvis belt!

Ah if only I had this when I was pregnant. Don't feel the "heavy" belly with this.

How apt. I was having neck ache from looking at the presentations and the furiously writing notes (with my erasable pen of cos!)

Gonna use one now!

This thing dam randoml Le.

Ear pick. Dig gold out from ears.

Yes i need this.

Wear and close my mouth. Diet done right!

Fell for the gimmick rose foam.


Contemplated getting this lunch box for Isaac. But not much compartments.

Settled for this Spider-Man.

Snap this pic for the ladies in #fermentationfun

Apparently quite cheap. Cheaper than in singapore.

This one also very cheap according to @lavishlyloved and @m3lcsnippet

Then I saw these and ask the ladies.

Obviously no need to think. Don't need also #buy!

How come so cheappp???

Then I saw these. Took me a while to figure out what it was. Can't make it out.

Maybe it's for men.

But this!

This I know! Ahhahahaha!

Batdude ask me if I got one?

No thanks!!!

Got butt plug and egg and wtf.

This Luigi cosplay thing though.

The placement of it very disturbing. It's next to the vibrators!!!

All your second hand Chanel and hermes and etc.

Not that cheap. Better off buying from the official retail shop because price points not much of a difference.

The magic erasing pens!

@Brgxx says it's quite cheap.

But I didn't get any la. I've plenty of pens at home cos ermmm nature of my industry gives them out for free. Hehe.


Checked off

Yea incredibly sad that I'm alone.

Good luck Batdude in you ICU exit exams.

All the cherry blossom luck just for you. ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜˜

Taking selfie of myself. Alone. I think it's incredibly sad.

Maybe feet picture not so bad.

I wuz herezzzzZzzz

So feels. Lonely path. But pretty cherry blossoms at the end.

It's actually a wet and cold day. Slightly drizzling.

Tea house, garden, over hanging cherry blossoms over body of water.

Taking it all in.

Sakura Sakura!

Am I dreaming?

Can you see the old couple under the trees? Shaded by the cherry blossoms.


Crying. Cos so beautiful.

I wish o had more time. But I'm running late. Need to be at the airport now.

Back at ginza to grab my bags and head to the airport.

It's pedestrians day on Saturday from 12.00pm onwards. So walk in freedom!!

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