Wish me luck.

Dam mountain climbers.

So dam glam

Circuit 1: 1×1.75, 1×1.5
Circuit 2: 1×1.75, 1.75
Stretching routine lower body.

Took my phone and selfie.

Both of them went down to burn some excess energy.

Didi is fearless. Wants to climb on the scooter and have a go.

This drawing got look like didi??

Batdude drew this cos now finish his exams already, nowadays got loads of free time to pursue his hobby.

He pass his ICU exit. He told me when I was about to leave this Shinjuku Gyoen.

Such a surreal feeling. I was there last week, hearing good news. And this week back to the grind.

Ok la back to the grind since Monday.

Next week is gonna be full on grind. Because another audit.


Yesterday video of isaac wolfing down chicken rice at 10am at the zoo.

Didi was taking his nap.

Then finish chicken rice liow I offered some fruits he also whack.

Must be good mood then started singing mandarin songs.

Lots of pointless post because wanna get rid of my glam face on the thumbnails.

One more post, because look at the beauty!

You guys think still can catch the blooms?? @justpeachy @wokandkadhai

Can try since in Japan now!!!

Promise last one!!

Cos I still see my face on the thumbnail. Haha.

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