Inspired and awed

Omg I'm so amazed and awed by my cleaner aunty!

She's a breast cancer survivor!!!

Cos I asked where she went yesterday as she wasn't in the office. And she told me she went for check up due to her breast CA follow up.

*jaw drop*

She's so full of life and hard working. I can never tell. Or anyone could tell she's a survivor. I tot her optimism is in born (like how Batdude is pathologically euphoric).

My new role model!!! Also, she makes amazing glutinous rice.

Also, since I'm #dayrehamsupqueen (Wah never use this hashtag dam long already), she showed me her scar. From her chest until her armpit!

Amazing. She did a mastectomy unilaterally and was on tamoxifen. I ask whether she used our company's drug (which is IV) or took a tablet. She said tablet so I knew it was tamoxifen.

I'm so glad its controlled now. No relapse or anything from her drs check up! Celebrate! Later buy her small cake to celebrate. Hehe.

I told her she's very brave and I look up to her.
#breastcancersurvivor #breastcancer

She did not let herself be defeated by it physically and mentally! She is living her life.

If only I can be half as Alive as her. 😍😍😍

Our everyday hero.

PS: yes, I think only semi-strangers will flash their boob at me. Cos u know, my face is just like that. Hehe. Her scar very clean and nice. πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

I didn't make a cake, but I bought a cupcake for her to celebrate!

She said "for what?"

I said to celebrate good news la! Then she pretend angry me and say to share! Hahah.

Just broke open the mochis' I brought from Haneda airport.

Omgooodness. They're so soft.

How cute is this!!!!!

I was talking to Batdude about Isaac and he mentioned that Isaac drew Batman, Superman and another super hero (I dunno who). N at the bottom there were bad guys! Superheroes were obviously fighting them. Isaac then ask Batdude how to spell "ATTACK" and Batdude told him how to spell it.

Then it dawn to him that Isaac was actually drawing a comic of superheroes defeating bad guys!

Edit: oh it's Robin next to batman (obviously!!) haha.

See the word "ATTACK" got marks next to it to emphasis the "action".

The superheroes got "success.jpg" and "determined" face on them.

This is obviously a "dead" bad guy cos he's been crossed out.

Omg la I'm sooooo impressed!!!!!

And he signed his first comic drawing.


I'm seriously amazed and awwed by him.

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