Cats and Dogs!

Oh no, the rain is so heavy. I'm late for my meeting.

Couldn't get taxi or grab car too.

Now the sky so clear can see singapore flyer from my pumping room.

Going to see Jim now. Hopefully he'll make me great again!

I pray and hope I don't receive this type of messages from the helper. Or from any family member or person responsible for the kids.

My heart literally drops every time.

I called her to find out what happen exactly, whether kids lose consciousness or just develop hives.

If they become sleepy, it is dangerous.

Luckily I just finish gym and otw back. And plan to shower at home only.

#foodallergy #anaphylaxisallergy

This is the reason why my anxiety levels are higher than normal population.

We have to be constantly vigilant on their surroundings in regards to food.

Any contaminate even just a slight touch can trigger a reaction.

Ok, at least I am able to calm my self down now and now the anxiety take over my whole thoughts.

Glad my psychologist helped me identify this feeling and mitigate it.

Commercial break.

My #junbucha is extremely alive. 2F for 2 days with passionfruit and rose petals.

Gonna refrigerate now.


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