There is an upcoming meeting in May which I will be away from home for 10-11 days. That is another logistic nightmare to tackle. But the reason I am going to gripe is not about that.

The team is required to do a short video of what we interpret certain processes are about.

Today, the video was shared for our feedback.

I saw myself. I cringe. I may even have cried.

I do not look anything like how I use to look pre #2.

I look like your friendly voluptuous sales person/receptionist.

The one that eats 2 lunches and takes too many tea breaks.

Chanced upon this photo sitting in my google drive.

2 years after giving birth to Isaac. August 2014.

Also photo taking for BBG round 1.

Ahhhhh why did I think I was fat?


So fat until my skirt stretch until cannot stretch so it tore.

thank you for serving me for 8 years. Can put you to rest now.

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