I lost 1.5 hrs of my life and I did not feel refreshed doing so

I woke up at 6.45am and roll around until 7.00am.

The boys were rolling with me on the bed. Had breakfast and got changed and dressed. Have not made face. Bed looked so tempting. It was about 7.40am cos I heard Isaac left for school.

Told myself I'll just lay down to smell the pillow. And 😴 zzzzz

The next thing I know, I woke up at 9.15am.

Garhhhh. Late for work.

Didi is 14 months today!!!

Dancing here after closing the toilet door to his own rhythm.

Isaac took these photos cos didi so funny and acting cute.

Oh @calvinadawn ED is 1 yo today right??! Happy birthday πŸŽŠπŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰

Urgh!!! This is the amount I get after 15 mins pumping at 4.30pm. Terrible la.

Power Pumping

Power pumping starts today.

My milk yield is abysmal at best.

In Japan, it was already terrible, but after coming back from my business trip in KL last week where I had time to pump only 4 times in 24 hours, my milk supply has suffered.

Poor didi, not enough milk ah!!!

Power Pumping

Going to do this at 8.45pm today.

It will take 1 hour. Might read a book whilst I'm doing this.

Let's hope milk increases after 3 days.

It's actually best to do it in the morning, but man, I've got no time for that!

Power pumping in session!

A bit late cos didi fell asleep only at 8.45pm. Did some #fermentationfun brewing and washed some pump parts before hand.

Darn it!

Power pumping got interrupted just 10 minutes into it cos didi woke up.

Back to nursing didi to sleep.

Sigh, after nursing didi, he fell asleep and I continued pumping. But he woke up again after 5 mins of me power pumping.

Batdude said the pump is too loud!

Dammit. Now plans abandoned. I've to go back to work tomorrow and get the freestyle home. Have to place this PISA back at work then.

Big sigh. Maybe I should just have bought another freestyle after all.

Wah super wet and heavy morning run to the school.

But he definitely enjoys this. 😍

Bringing Isaac to work today after his school.

Give helper a break. Haha

In the pumping room together.

So noisy la he!

Don't wanna bring him tomorrow already.

Pang kang loooo!!

Waiting for our bus home!

We be back here again for his dietician review.

Force feeding fruits to help with the weight measurement on the scales. #denial #asifwillhelp

Weight: 8.135kg
Height: 73cm
Age: 13 months 23 days.


Ploughing through my work emails on Saturday night with a smile on my face


And so many emails asking for answers stat!

And 1 slide update for a SLT (senior leadership team) presentation.

And I feel quite sick still.


Nvm. Smile sumore. Better do everything today cos tomorrow it's only me, the kids and helper. Mom is going home. 😭😭😭

Nice ah?

Habib throw price for the diamonds.

5 carat rm 20k after discount haha.

Can less price sumore cos boss is here.

So much free time, window shop lo.

1C, 2C, 3C and 5C.

Price shown before discount.


Cousin, sis and me.

Met up with her cos had some stuff to clarify on my insurance.

Miss you didi.

Can call mami but still dadi is his favorite Name to call.

And ah yiii.

I miss this little terror too.

Can't be arsed to talk to me on FaceTime but when daddy FaceTime him, he was so happy according to my mom.

I'm happy that the boys prefer my husband. He's the fun dude.

I'm just. Mom. Haha.

Had dinner with my cousins too but on my moms side.

This app ah made everyone look so good. Especially me.

So unreal. I kenot.

120ml and I'm sick.

It really really shows.

As you think, so shall you become.

I went introducing myself to my global head during the meeting and ask for a job.

She ask me to drop her an email as there is a specific opportunity coming up.

Omg yeay! Looks like I may work in Basel sooner than my expected time frame.


There is nothing concrete yet but I am so grateful for this opportunity to introduce myself and let it be known of my interest.

She said, just knock on doors. Just ask.

And ask I did.

Every new head I met, I treated it as if it was an interview.

And I told them how inspiring it is to be in their role as they got to help us at the local offices in the day to day submissions.

Garhhhh I'm so excited!


Boobie juice today so little. Only 170mls. Omg.

Sigh. Must be the sore throat and hectic day.

Also happy to report that our helper came back from Philippines after her holidays.

Everyone was so happy to see her! Hahah.

What korkor do, didi also want to do.

Grandma, korkor wear cap, I also want.

So wear cap you did. Hahahaha looks so funny!

Korkor fidgeting with the bouncer, didi also want.

Korkor, you're my hero.

πŸ‘‹πŸΌ hi

How do I look?

Cute or not?


Cute right!

Urgh getting less and less. Only about 210mls today.

I'm super duper tired too with whole day meeting.

And I've got mother of all sore throats. Had to walk over to nu Sentral to the pharmacy.

Load them up!!

I've lost my voice.

Happy Mother's Day to my mother @maryannsee

Thanks for taking care of Isaac and Isaiah whilst I'm in KL for a meeting.

Holding the fort back home with Batdude and ah yi!

Also happy Mother's Day to my MIL for without her I won't have Batdude.

My sil was nice enough so celebrate Mother's Day with mil and me.

She took us to troika sky dining to have Italian food.

It was also her first every pay check working a full time corporate job. Happy for her that she finally has a stable job.

This is octopus carpaccio

Squid ink calamari on polenta.

My mains of lamb kirti

Honestly the food is okay only.

And expensive.

I wonder how to survive in KL anymore.

Met up with my GF of 20+ years.

Ex beauty queen with an MBA. Don't play play ok. Hehe

We (ok la she) is going to save money and we are getting this matching bag together.

Similar looking and not exactly the same.

The thought of having a matching bag kinda excites me! Haha.

Also, Gucci is so loud but we saw something we both like. At the same time. Which is quite rare as her taste and mine are very divergent.


I told her, I hate her orange hermes bag. So ah lian. Why must get orange. Hahaha

Her herbag also in orange. Aiyooo cannot la.

Cheers to us!!!

Oh noooo, manage only 220mls.

Aiyahhh hopefully tomorrow is more.

Mummy's business.

My trusty 5 year old freestyle. Only the battery is not working and can only be pump using direct electricity current

This is me right now.

Took a long soak in the bath. Bought bath fizz to throw in the bath and just relax.

Now mask time. Such a luxury to have time for myself doing girly things.

Ahhh bliss.

Bath -> mask -> pump -> sleep.

Can finally wake up late tomorrow.

The last 24hrs total yield.

Looks like quite consistent of 300mls.

Haha scary adventure.

Taking lrt to see my dentist.


Ergh today's yield only 220ml.

Must be from sleeping late. Slept at 3am last night watching food channel. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Updates from home.

Skinny going to pasar.

Apparently very clingy to ah yi

Mummy not home so let's bully korkor! Hahah.

Hiiiyakkk, take that korkor.

Garhhhh eat my shorts!


Updates from home:

Didi cries every time he sees my mom. Not sure why.

But ah yi he loves. So ah yi is surrogate mama for now. Maybe cos ah yi bosom very soft and nice. Abit Better than mamas, unfortunately no milk only. Hahaha

FaceTime this morning. Don't want to eat his oats breakfast.

But bread made with @wokandkadhai recipe is ok.

Ehehe. Checked CCTV and saw ah yi giving milk to didi.

Good job. Thanks ah yi!

Loving the puzzle @omamee gave from anggooboy birthday.

Hehe. Thanks for keeping him occupied.

Total milk haul in 24hrs.

300mls. Ok la better than yesterday.

Off to KL today.

Mix feelings though.

On one hand excited to be able to do my things, on the other hand, will be away so long from the kids and hubs.

Bye bye.

See you guys soon.

Aiyo miss already. 😭😭

First time sitting the express train.

Quite cheap too. Return ticket to KL Sentral is RM80 only.

Spy on #CCTV Batdude holding the fort!

It's snack time!

#1 is happily dancing to Bruno Mars.

#2's tummy is being filled.

All is well at the Batcave without mummy around.

But, reinforcement is coming soon in the form for grandma and ah yi.

View of my hotel bath from my bed.

New hair.

Bye bye milk. Down the drain u go.

Mother's Day came early for me.

Husband surprised me with this today because he said I won't be around next week to celebrate. ☺️☺️☺️☺️

So faster give me today. ❀️❀️😘😘😍😍

Out for dinner. No helper means eating out hehe.

Yesterday at the airport after dropping helper off.

Helped her checked in and made sure she got to the correct place etc.

Needed to use the loo. He was so happy sitting in the child seat. Lols.

Machiam sitting on the kiddy ride.

Poor deprived child.

Then, took them out at the playground in the evening to let off some steam.

This guy climb up and down himself.

No fear one.

Anyone seen a 13 month old climb up the slide before?

And slide down himself.

He not scared, I scared leh.

These are the set of pic MIL send this morning.

Complaining that didi bully her.


This is a face of a baby bullying his grandma apparently.

Hehe. I no comment.

"Mummy, happy Mother's Day. I made these for you!"

Awww thanks.

(But I already saw it on their Kindy Facebook what I was going to get)

It was sweet receiving it from him though. His voice so earnest too.

But Isaac, mummy's wrist not so small ah. Bracelet cannot fit. Hehe.

And he must put 1 blue pearl also. His "signature" colour.

Got mail! Yeay.

Hrmmmm I remember buying only 4 I dunno why got 5 lipstick.

Haha someone ah how do business like this. But thank you so much!!!

Top to bottom:

All Dat Glam 030 (soon to be launched);
Jasper 069;
Allure 040;
24K 016.


Get it from http://www.tny.sg!!

Love how it dries and doesn't smear everywhere.


Got TC so whilst listening, I went and apply the 24K on my lids.

Awesome la. Can use for xmas make up. To match my gold glitter hand bag.

Husband is on a mission to bring self esteem up.

Not consciously la.

But does make me smile like a school girl again. Although I wasn't a school girl when I first met him.

And I did not look like your average high school sweetheart.

In fact, I look like a pretty "hard" looking Vietnamese mail order bride.


The ravishing beauty, her adorable mom and cute sister.



"Gip me maaaneyyyyy, I lurp you long timeeeee"

Yesterday, both the boys woke up in such a good mood!

Laugh until fall back onto the bed.

Quickly took my phone and snap pictures of them. Too precious.

I don't know what was so funny, but hearing their laughter was 🎢

My little ah bengs, schooooo cuteeeeee (bias)

Love their banters.