Out for dinner. No helper means eating out hehe.

Yesterday at the airport after dropping helper off.

Helped her checked in and made sure she got to the correct place etc.

Needed to use the loo. He was so happy sitting in the child seat. Lols.

Machiam sitting on the kiddy ride.

Poor deprived child.

Then, took them out at the playground in the evening to let off some steam.

This guy climb up and down himself.

No fear one.

Anyone seen a 13 month old climb up the slide before?

And slide down himself.

He not scared, I scared leh.

These are the set of pic MIL send this morning.

Complaining that didi bully her.


This is a face of a baby bullying his grandma apparently.

Hehe. I no comment.

"Mummy, happy Mother's Day. I made these for you!"

Awww thanks.

(But I already saw it on their Kindy Facebook what I was going to get)

It was sweet receiving it from him though. His voice so earnest too.

But Isaac, mummy's wrist not so small ah. Bracelet cannot fit. Hehe.

And he must put 1 blue pearl also. His "signature" colour.

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