Off to KL today.

Mix feelings though.

On one hand excited to be able to do my things, on the other hand, will be away so long from the kids and hubs.

Bye bye.

See you guys soon.

Aiyo miss already. 😭😭

First time sitting the express train.

Quite cheap too. Return ticket to KL Sentral is RM80 only.

Spy on #CCTV Batdude holding the fort!

It's snack time!

#1 is happily dancing to Bruno Mars.

#2's tummy is being filled.

All is well at the Batcave without mummy around.

But, reinforcement is coming soon in the form for grandma and ah yi.

View of my hotel bath from my bed.

New hair.

Bye bye milk. Down the drain u go.

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