Happy Mother's Day to my mother @maryannsee

Thanks for taking care of Isaac and Isaiah whilst I'm in KL for a meeting.

Holding the fort back home with Batdude and ah yi!

Also happy Mother's Day to my MIL for without her I won't have Batdude.

My sil was nice enough so celebrate Mother's Day with mil and me.

She took us to troika sky dining to have Italian food.

It was also her first every pay check working a full time corporate job. Happy for her that she finally has a stable job.

This is octopus carpaccio

Squid ink calamari on polenta.

My mains of lamb kirti

Honestly the food is okay only.

And expensive.

I wonder how to survive in KL anymore.

Met up with my GF of 20+ years.

Ex beauty queen with an MBA. Don't play play ok. Hehe

We (ok la she) is going to save money and we are getting this matching bag together.

Similar looking and not exactly the same.

The thought of having a matching bag kinda excites me! Haha.

Also, Gucci is so loud but we saw something we both like. At the same time. Which is quite rare as her taste and mine are very divergent.


I told her, I hate her orange hermes bag. So ah lian. Why must get orange. Hahaha

Her herbag also in orange. Aiyooo cannot la.

Cheers to us!!!

Oh noooo, manage only 220mls.

Aiyahhh hopefully tomorrow is more.

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