As you think, so shall you become.

I went introducing myself to my global head during the meeting and ask for a job.

She ask me to drop her an email as there is a specific opportunity coming up.

Omg yeay! Looks like I may work in Basel sooner than my expected time frame.


There is nothing concrete yet but I am so grateful for this opportunity to introduce myself and let it be known of my interest.

She said, just knock on doors. Just ask.

And ask I did.

Every new head I met, I treated it as if it was an interview.

And I told them how inspiring it is to be in their role as they got to help us at the local offices in the day to day submissions.

Garhhhh I'm so excited!


Boobie juice today so little. Only 170mls. Omg.

Sigh. Must be the sore throat and hectic day.

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