Power Pumping

Power pumping starts today.

My milk yield is abysmal at best.

In Japan, it was already terrible, but after coming back from my business trip in KL last week where I had time to pump only 4 times in 24 hours, my milk supply has suffered.

Poor didi, not enough milk ah!!!

Power Pumping

Going to do this at 8.45pm today.

It will take 1 hour. Might read a book whilst I'm doing this.

Let's hope milk increases after 3 days.

It's actually best to do it in the morning, but man, I've got no time for that!

Power pumping in session!

A bit late cos didi fell asleep only at 8.45pm. Did some #fermentationfun brewing and washed some pump parts before hand.

Darn it!

Power pumping got interrupted just 10 minutes into it cos didi woke up.

Back to nursing didi to sleep.

Sigh, after nursing didi, he fell asleep and I continued pumping. But he woke up again after 5 mins of me power pumping.

Batdude said the pump is too loud!

Dammit. Now plans abandoned. I've to go back to work tomorrow and get the freestyle home. Have to place this PISA back at work then.

Big sigh. Maybe I should just have bought another freestyle after all.

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