Isaac bought his own toy with his own money

Wanted to record this down. Today, Isaac counted all his coins in his coin bank and took them out to buy his own toy.

Isaacs first time buying his own toy with his own money that he has saved up.

This is Carolyn, the very nice Jie Jie who counted all of Isaacs coins to pay for his toys.

Cashier handing him his purchase.

Think he was quite proud of himself for choosing his toys and paying for it.

Look didi, look at my new toy.

We can play together now!

Was it worth the $19.90 it was paid for?

I don't think so because it's such a simple toy but he really wanted it.

It was his choice and he paid good money for it and I could tell he was really happy.

Actually for $29.90 (which he actually had) he could have bought a Lego junior batman car which I felt was more worth it and more cool than this toy.

I did tell him he could get the Lego cos he had enough money but he said he wanted this first.

So this Paw Patrol Chase we bought.


I won't be hearing "I want to go toy shop and buy toys" for a while now.

He knows he has used up most of his coins to get that toy.

Must drill into him that the next toy he wants, he's got to earn it again. I think this will take him another year. Haha. But good, teach him patience and delayed gratification.

Also self satisfaction of being able to chose and pay for his own toy.

#assholeparenting #toughlove

Hahha didi! Got hold of korkor toy and throw it around.


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