Fish Allergy

Recently as far as 1 month we started realising that didi is having reactions to fish.

We thought it's a cross contaminate to something that was in the fish. Maybe it's the butter used to fry his fish in? But lamb fried in butter, he had no issues.

Just google the list and so far he has reacted to:
"Toman" aka Giant snakehead

Previously he was ok with consuming fish. Now he reacts mildly with rashes near his mouth and he starts scratching his neck, arms elbow

Knee creases, and back of ears.

This is the second allergy that presents itself later on even after skin prick test was negative.

The first negative SPT was cows milk protein and when I introduced cheese to him, he broke out in hives and eyes almost shut.


I've got to tell the dietician the next I see her to ask her to refer to the allergist.

I want to redo his skin prick test and then his blood IgE level.

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