So pissed with my boob la. After lunch pump for 15mins and only get this amount!

I've already breast compressed and massage during the pump sumore.

Well, after going back to KL and not power pumping, it's now worse than before.

Didi is not a boobie addict and when there is new environment and new things to play, he nurses even less!! Thankfully night time he still latch to sleep.

Oh well back to power pumping. I also stopped cos my old freestyle died on me.

Luckily an old uni friend pass me her freestyle too.

Ok la, tonight la power pump again.


Ohh since didi pass milk muffin challenge, this weekend we shall attempt the milk pancake challenge.

Why pancake? It's because the milk is only lightly cooked at about 7-8 mins as compared to muffin where it's completed nuked at 30 mins 180 degrees C.

The milk protein in the pancake hasn't much chance to be denatured and broken down completely. So we will see how.

Gold standard to pass oral cows milk challenge is to be able to tolerate fresh cow milk without it being cooked/baked.


Last Monday. Brothers blowing bubbles by the corridor.

Good. Keep them occupied and outside floor sticky. Not inside house can already. Haha.

This morning, er morning faces. Haha.

Korkor likes to come to my bed in the morning to disturb didi.

He loves to give didi a squeezy hugs.

Of course the small one will protest and make sound la to push korkor away.

Here looks like got #paucheeks back.

But really ah, so narrow. Maybe he has grown a little taller, but weight still far below leh. I scared to weigh him liow.

I don't know what the dietician will say when I see her late August.

I think will have to follow up more closely every 6 weeks again instead of 12 weeks 😱😱😱

Started already. Rawrrrrr.

Posting this cos didi looks soooo cuteee hereeee.

I do catch the husband saying "didi, so cute la youu"

Not bias ok. Just he has his charms that makes ppl say that.

And no, it doesn't mean we love Isaac less ok.

Having dinner by myself. Cos worked late and hubs has his plans too.

Aiyo didi did a poo and when I changed him, noticed his bums were red.

When I wipe him he screamed. It must be so painful!

I think he is having a systemic reaction to the milk. Oh oh.

It is a slightly delayed one.

Aiyoooo. Maybe should stop milk ah? Not sure.

His eczema looks like its flaring again behind his knees and fold of his wrist and ankles.

He's been pointing to it and rubbing on it.

Aiyooo poor thing la.

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