Isaacs Birthday “Cake”

Why you got to be so…


Hipster cute.

This is the best you can get from him.

My first baby! He's turning 5 tomorrow.

Omg. I'm a mom for 5 years liow.


Eh u don't so manja.

Someone is also excited it's going to be his birthday tomorrow!

Is this fathers love

Or not?

He wants to make sure at least his son has a birthday "cake" tomorrow.


Beep beep

Back view.

How? Got look alike or not?

More shots.



Zhenged up

Batdude thought of the concept himself.

He was thinking how to construct it, what fruit to use, what colour and tools to "carve" it. Etc.

I'm seriously very impressed. I didn't help one bit except to give "helpful" comments.

I think Batdude did a good job.

Hope it holds until tomorrow at Isaacs school "party".

And I hope Isaac really likes it too!!!!

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