#10randomfacts about me

Fingers feel itchy, want to do the #10randomfacts about me too.

Well, here goes, since I didn't bring my laptop back today and came home early!

1) I was an obese kid

From primary 2 until secondary 1, I was massive.

Old report card when I was 11 showed that I was already 57kg. But I wasn't always fat. I grew after being disappointed of not getting into the "gymrama" club when I was in it in primary 2. Then my eating for comfort begin.

Couldn't find pinafores that fit me.

Then I started dieting around secondary 2 after being told I need to lose weight to get bf by "well meaning" classmates.

2) I used to show dogs quite a bit from Sec 3 until ~ 20 years old

We had and still have loads of dogs. Don't ask me how many back at my parents place. They are all purebred with certificates showing lineage from U.K., Australia etc.

We had Boston terriers, bull mastiff, pugs and a beagle for a while.

Now it's mainly cavalier King Charles spaniel, long coated chihuahuas and Siberian husky. Yes, I know a thing or two about dogs and their structure and can spot a dog bred properly.

My fav is the CKCS and my love for dogs came from this particular boy

Who is the most loving and smart dog ever.

They say a female CKCS loves you, but a male CKCS falls in love with you. Their big round eyes just look at you lovingly and longingly. He was a tricolour dog and I showed him mainly and the highest award I got with him ever was Junior Best In Show! So happy ah. All my grooming, pruning and preening him came to fruition.

Then he had a daughter who was also tri colour. This one special treatment. She slept with me n I brought her out a lot of places

To hang out. Mamak la, atas cafes la. You named it, I brought her. Up until I left to Scotland to finish up my degree.

3) I wanted to be a vet

I think this was a no brainer. At that time when We had to chose our "what we want to be when we grow up" it was of cos to be a vet.

Love dogs and fascinated with husbandry of animals. Can inspect cows ass la, operate on cancerous hamster la etc. so dam fun!

I was the main "midwife" to all our dogs. I helped deliver the pups, pull them out, help tear the sac, rubbed them until they came to life when they were born cold n lifeless.

It spark my interest and I though this is it la! So fun!

But in Malaysia, there was only 1 university that offered veterinary medicine and it was in UPM and my chance of getting into public uni was next to nil la.

The other place was in uni of Sydney and wtf, the TER to vet science course was higher than for doctors la!!!

So I had to lower my ambition to chose either medicine (human) or pharmacy.

At that time I didn't want to be cliche and me Doctor all, but on hindsight it will totally suit me.

I chose pharmacy cos it was easy to get in

Even though I hated chemistry. My best subject was biology and always aced it. I constantly failed Chemistry cos dam lazy to attend class and do homework.

Half way through the course (like after 1.5 years of suffering) I think my mom said ok to change to medicine but In the end chicken out and took the easy option of continuing. I had another 2 years to finish only and if I did medicine, I need to do another 6 years.

Now regret la. Husband is supportive if I wanna do medicine now,

The cost is the main limiting factor!!!!

Nvm, I'm Asian, so can fuck my hopes and dreams in order to earn some money now.

Hor hor hor? Sumore mother of 2, no need to passion, ambition n all that jazz la.

4) I was a prefect for 5 years of high school

Not like @Brgxx kena nominated.

Nothing eventful. My main motivation to be a prefect is because the normal pinafore I couldn't fit. Prefect wear a shirt and a skirt ma with a blazer. And cover my fats.

Yup, I'm shallow like that.

Not a stellar prefect. Did my duty ok but always late one! Hahhaa.

5) I was a president of my swim club in sec 2 and sec 5

Only join swimming club because it was the easiest sport activity la!

I've been swimming since I was a little kid and know all the strokes but never join competition kind.

Also no brainer.

Another extra curricular activity was LEO club. Most I got was merit service award only la.

Not like @cikumuffin hor. One of the board of directors. And my brothers. One was a Vice President and another was president. Simi saiiiiii!!

6) Never thought I was the marrying kind

Like hello, have you seen me in secondary school?

I never hope for a bf although I had a major crush on this boy for years! Already fat n ugly and your crush never respond to you so obviously you would think you'd end up as "always the brides maid and never the bride" right?

And since then it was never about bros above hoes so I went out having fun with all my friends la.

No idea why guys wanna date me. Usually doesn't last beyond 2 weeks when I tell them "ok bye, I don't like you"

Also coupled with the fact that all my gf are super gorgeous!!! Small, skinny, fair with striking features. Smart sumore! Cos was in top science stream class. I kenut win la. So I'm your friend that is there because I'm "funny" haha.

Don't know why Batdude wanna date me and end up marrying me. He's my longest ever bf!

Also, I cannot stand ppl who r shit so I tell them off and don't waste time on them anymore. This applies to bf and friends haha.

7) I can do a split.

I'm not particularly fit, but can split and do hand stands leaning against a wall.

I'm also not particularly athletic and only saving grace is I can swim.

Cannot do dance cos not coordinate enough. I also have trouble following my PT during training if it involves a lot of steps.

8) I give birth very fast!

Like super fast!!!!!!!

#1 came within 45 minutes???
#2 arrived in less than 30 minutes.

I think if I had a 3rd baby, no need go hospital already la. Sneeze also come out liow. Ahhaha.

No pain reliever also cos too late to give!

9) Super high pain threshold

Hrmmmm this fact just came about writing fact 8). Maybe my labour super fast cos I can tahan all the contraction pain until unbearable. And when unbearable pain already, it's crowning time and baby is in the birth canal liow!

I also sat through 2 hrs of tattooing in my lower back like nothing. Just felt like vibrations on my back. Ahahha.

10) I've moved so many times in the last 10 years it's not funny

When I was 20, I went to Scotland and study and since then, I've never been home.

I've technically been living out of my suitcases since then.

Working career started with me being posted to Tawau, Sabah. I was there for 3.5 years. And every year I moved houses because I was renting. And when lease was up, I moved. 3 addresses here!

Then I moved to kota Kinabalu Sabah because asked for transfer to a more "modern" town. Was there from 2009-2011. Rented the first year and moved to a place we

Bought after being tired of moving and wanting to settle down. So that's 2 addresses.

Then someone got oppressed working there and high tailed to singapore for a training position. By then we just got married and poured our savings on the wedding and renovating of this new place.

And now, had to move again!!! I had to pack our whole lives (it's 2 persons lives now), sell the car, rent the house, ship all our barang back to peninsula Malaysia to bring to Singapore.

And we've been here

Ever since. 2011 and counting!

But hey, yes, we might be in singapore but we've moved 3 times already!!!!!

So, counting it moves I made since Scotland, it's a grand total of…… 9 times.

Let's just say I am a pro packer. Don't need packing services. I'm super organized too and label all the outer boxes well.

Eh wait just thought of more boliow juicy facts.

11) I entered a Miss Malaysia competition in 2006

I don't know what came over me! Maybe it was the fact that I lost a lot of weight in Scotland because I was depress when a guy I was dating told me I had a Coca Cola shaped body.

And I had a new bf (now husband) who thought I look hot. And also the fact that one of my close friends just enter and placed 5th in Miss Chinese international, it gave me the Dutch courage to enter!

Dafuq man, sumore I just started braces and wasn't particular at my "best". Hello metal mouth!

Long story short,

I sent in my professional shots, got selected for interview. And manage to be In last batch before they selected the semi finalist.

Hello, realistic abit la. I also know I'm not miss universe/miss world material.

So embarrassing. I wanna die.

Really it's a fit of madness one. Like, months of madness.

Ok ok another bonus fact!

12) We got married on 10.10.10

Bride pick up after gate crashing was excatly at 10.10am too. Cos hey, already getting married on 10.10.10, what's another 10.10 right?

Bahahah ok n then we live happily ever after with 2 kids with allergy.

-the end-

Wah omg my list super boring can?

Sumore like half ass no effort cos no picture all.

Sorry guys!!! And my England is so bad too. Can't be bothered to correct my spelling mistake and wrong auto correct. Grammar nazi don't kill me ok?

Oohhh another one!

13) I have a PADI license so I know how to dive!!

The only perks (ok la besides meeting my husband) of working in Sabah is learning to scuba dive.

Sabah has beautiful islands and all the diving sites are easily accessible from any port. But guess who was the square and has NO license. It's not me! It's that boring guy slaving in the hospital wards. Haha.

Eh I also climb mount Kota Kinabalu. And I will NEVER do it again. Bitch please, I'm not that athletic or outdoorsy kind of person but it was a good experience.

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