Me 1.5 months after giving birth


Me last week, 16 months after birth.

How the fuck did I gain 6~8 kg after that.

Dam angry with myself

All that triggered because I had a TC that over ran n made me pump later which made me go back home later. I made plans to go back n BBG cos someone implied that I don't make time to exercise when I've already going to the gym with personal training 3 times a week.

No, I'm not sensitive. I've already made time to work out. It's not enough. Yes I've cheated this 2 weeks that made me gain back 2 kg.

But it's frustrating with just 2 weeks of cheat meals (not every meal la) n I'm big again.

Wah I cannot!

Why isit so difficult to be a working mom.

First need to be good at work.

Then need to come back early to put kids to bed. If come back late then everyone sleeps late and someone bad mood. As it is I already have a lot of help at home with a helper cooking and cleaning n general child minding during working hrs.

But if I don't come back on time, nothing works.

And don't get me started on my milk yield. I was close to throwing my pump out my office just now. Why must I pump when milk

Yield like shit. Barely even enough for 1 feed. Yes, still pumping 3 times. This is not effective and it's not working out for me already.

I am resenting pumping. Don't ask me to pump at night etc. I already tried.

I am very frustrated la nothing is working for me.


You take care of the kids. I need to take care of myself.


Done. New indoor work out shoes helped with the morale.

I think for all FTWM it is hard to make time to take care of ourselves. Wait.

Scratch that. It is hard to TAKE time for ourselves because something else got to give. E.g.: time taken to exercise = less time to play with kids. Also when time taken to exercise leads to delay in mother eating dinner and showering. Which also leads to delay in putting kids to bed. Which leads to kids Going cranky.

Then father 😒😒😒☹ī¸â˜šī¸â˜šī¸ like this because kids cranky.

This is already mother not making dinner and

cleaning up. Also not included bathing and feeding the kids.

If time taken to exercise also means leaving work early (means at 5pm and on time la), work laptop has to be brought home to continue with work from time taken to pump. Time taken to pump is 20min X 3 = 1 hr. This does not include massaging boobs, packing milk, washing pump parts and walking to and fro to the mothers room.

Essentially, need extra 1hr 45 mins to cover normal working hrs. It's not that we don't want to do work,

it is that the time taken to pump at work has taken up abit of work time which we try to stay back n finish it up.

Yes, I agree with most of you in the same situation as me that there is not enough time. And I do not want to take more time to take care of myself then it is. Not for this 24 months because it is the WHO standard to continue breast feeding until 2 and more until mutual desired (to stop)

I cant answer for moms who don't have a helper, because I cannot do it.

I also cannot answer for moms working full time from home, cos u cannot define when is the time u r working and time u r being a mom. And wife. And helper. And chauffeur and tuition teacher etc.

I also have a question on where does the men fit into this situation.

They are the parent too. They also work. Yet the general house work (if no helper) falls on the wife.

If there is helper, child minding (boobing and cuddles and hugs) also fall on wife.

The excuse is cos men no boob and kid wants mummy? Is this true? No right?

Where is the equal partnership.

It is the mind set of the men that has to change.

In principal to say you are supportive of your wife is NOT ENOUGH. You need to do more in the family unit for the wife to feel like she is able to cope.

Not for you to feel frustrated that you can't have time for yourself to do your hobbies

Or extra work for your career development.

All those are important but the most important thing according to priority are:
1) your wife
2) your kids
3) your work
4) your hobbies

Also for wives, the most important thing are also similar:
1) your husband
2) your kids
3) your work
4) your hobbies.

Point 3 and 4 are subjected to $$$$. If family are wealthy, then point 4 will be point 3. And vice versa.

Omg, I better stop ranting liow.


Ok nvm look at pics of kids. Cos it's worth the frustrations. Because the joy they bring > the frustrations of work life balance.

Eating you char koay for tea time. Share share.

Updates from daddy cos mummy was still at work.

Thanks for the t shirt @Sunorchid !

Kids still had time to be kids yesterday. Also daddy took them to play.

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