I had a short catch up session with my international product partner.

He said he was impressed in how I handled a few health authority interactions of Korea with a 3rd party clinical trial person and also our internal clinical science lead, safety lead and regulatory lead.

And he told me there was a job opening for the same position as an IPP in Switzerland. He asked me to apply because he said I have the genes for it!

I'm so grateful he thinks I'm able to do what he does on a day to

day basis.

Wow! International product partner is my goal job that was in my 5 years plan and he suggested I should go for it makes me even more humbled (not sure the correct words to express how I feel right now. It's a sense of validation, excitement and wonderment).

Alright! I'll apply for it.


My dreams of working in Switzerland doesn't look like it will just be a dream.


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